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Metropolis: me·trop·o·lis (m -tr p -l s) n:


  1. A major city; especially the chief city of a country or region:
  2. Metropolis: A Major Strip haven situated on the Cambridge Rd, London.

Imagine a 3 story Oasis of beautiful, long robed dancers, virgin sands and private, black leather and zebra stripped booths, all bathed in the night time colours of a seductive Venus at Midnight.  Metropolis, situated on the outskirts of the square mile, is such a place. With lavish but reasonable entertainment, such as a Harem themed room, Metropolis is full of (Eastend) promise.

MetropolisBootLike a Mirage situated on the outskirts of the square mile, Metropolis exists for the city man’s [or woman’s] parched imagination after a day of the mundane.  There is the 3rd floor Harem themed room, with cabana beds and lavish throws and rugs, fit for a sultan. Then you have the 2nd floors’ shimmering car wash scenario, complete with water pistols and soap-sud soaked girls. And lest you still have the slightest bit of doubt…. rest assured that there is an abundance of neked flesh. A whole Diaspora of breasts, long legs, sexy hips and perfumed bodies come to dance and entertain you between the hours of 7pm, until at last, the night slips her robes back on at 4am.

Originally, Metropolis was known as The Arabian Arms. It became the first fully nude tableside dancing venue in the UK, and is dedicated in its endeavours to push the boundaries. In 1976, Metropolis (then a pub that operated as function rooms) underwent its first metamorphosis and GoGo dancers were the first in a line of dancers to lead the way. Today, Metropolis has a ring of beautiful dancers, and is constantly dreaming up new and imaginative ideas to quench its clients need for top class entertainment.

Steve Martin, owner of Metropolis for more than 40 years, reveals plans for an open air Penthouse:

“It’s been in the offing for 5 years, and now we have planning permission, we intend to begin work in the summer”. This will mean that clients can enjoy barbecues and a Jacuzzi in the midnight hour. Clients will also be able to enjoy smoking, which, in 2007 was banned in public places. The open air frolics that Mr Martin has planned will remedy this contravention, and be yet another soupcon of decadence offered by the club.

MetropolisClubWith its emphasis on voyeuristic fantasies, Metropolis is an entertaining evening. The dancers are beautiful and enticing, the staff friendly and best yet, there is little pressure on the client to spend extortionate amounts of cash on overpriced beverages and dances. For example, the dances are from £10, and there is no end of privacy and props in the club, which means that you have the option of a discreet booth and the dancer has the option of pole/tableside dancing for you.  Metropolis is a top class venue with top class entertainment – its very warm and inviting staff, along with its dancers, make for a memorable night..


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