Spilling the Secrets

Spilling the Secrets……..


We go behind the scenes to discover…. just what is the secret to Secrets….?

The biggest table and pole dancing chain in London, Secrets is the brainchild behind one of Britain’s most prolific and self confessed workaholics, Stephen Less.With a background in the leisure and gaming industry, we ask the man behind Secrets…. what exactly is the secret of Secrets?


  1. Secrets11What has been the biggest success of the Secrets chain so far?
  2. Beautiful women, good management and a great relationship between staff and customers! Secrets is like a family – a tight knit community of managers, senior managers, staff and dancers. We’ve also built a good relationship with our customers and aim to maintain that – I’m proud to say that throughout the past 5 years our prices have remained steady, and we treat our dancers and customers with respect.


  1. Name one of the best features about Secrets?
  2. Where do I begin? One of the nicest things I repeatedly hear about us, comes from our dancers. We are the only club in London that auditions in daytime. Anywhere else auditions at night, when the clubs open their doors. We also have a lady – Joy, who has been with me for 15 years– who auditions the girls at our head office branch. We understand that it’s a nerve wracking process and we want our dancers to feel confident and happy. In this business, the dancers are the backbone of a successful club, and we try and do the best for our staff. So I would say our policies towards all our staff – not just the dancers – is one of our best features and helps Secrets to thrive.

We also pride ourselves on continually upgrading our decor and providing more and more comfort for our customers. For example, Secrets in Covent Garden, has a New York cocktail bar with table-dancing, which the customers love!

  1. Secrets12Why ‘Secrets?’
  2. None of us could agree on a suitable name. One particular day, I racked my brains, trying to come up with something good. I’ll always remember the moment – I was in the kitchen having a sandwich and some old film came on – Secrets and Lies…. and I just knew – right there – Secrets. So really, all hail the mighty sandwich for sparking the Secrets enterprise!



  1. Burlesque is big at present – would you consider doing a show in exotic, striptease and pole dance for the stage?
  2. I don’t think burlesque is particularly big…. I think it’s just a buzz word at the moment. Strip and burlesque are two very different things – with stripping a dancer is nude within a minute, with very little tease or pretence. With burlesque, there’s a lot of tease but little strip. We’ve been experimenting with a sort of striptease in our Hammersmith venue. We’re calling it the Soriety Striptease at present. It’s a return to good old fashioned striptease, and is proving very popular………


Read the Secrets Soriety Striptease article for more info…….

Secrets first opened at Hammersmith in 1997, and has opened another five table-dancing clubs in Swiss Cottage, Holborn, Euston, Tower Bridge and Covent Garden

Find all contact and adress info to the currents secrets lap dancing clubs in the UK here..


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