The Moscow strip scene

The rapid collapse of the old Soviet communist system in the late 80s and early 90s has dramatically changed the countries concerned in many ways some good, some bad. Nowhere is the change more striking than in Moscow itself when the new wealth of a small minority has changed the city from a place with no western style nightlife at all in the 1980s to one with one of the liveliest night scenes in the world. Nudity and striptease of any sorts were banned but these days Moscow has at least 60 clubs featuring nudity with new ones opening all the time.

Like a lot of the old Eastern European countries Russian capitalism has made a small number very rich while leaving most people very poor. A result of this is that lots of clubs are very expensive and have very strict door policies to keep the impoverished masses out, Moscow is certainly not the ideal venue for a cheap stag weekend! It does however have a range of clubs to suit all tastes and is currently experiencing a Klondike like boom found nowhere else in the world. The city has a population of 10.4 million and these days it has the sort of variety of nightlife you would expect from a city of that size.
One of the best known nightclubs in the world in the 90s was the “Hungry Duck” this did not feature paid female strippers { though it did have male ones} but was famous for having naked girls from the street dancing on the bar. It’s still there but is considered to be tame now compared to it’s peak in the 90s.

Here are a selection of the best known clubs operating,

Dolls 23b Ul. Krasnaya Presnya
This was the first pure strip club to open in Moscow in 1991 and it’s still one of the best known and most expensive.
It’s a favourite hang out of local big hitters {including local mafia known as flatheads because of their imaginative hair styles} and features beautiful girls, athletic shows, and high quality food. It opens in the early afternoon and operates until 5.30am, the local word though is that it’s not quite what it was.

Night flight
Tversaya Utilisa
Moscow 17
This is the 2nd oldest club in town and probably the most expensive.
It’s Scandinavian run and features a truly superb restaurant and a nightclub with striptease on the balcony above but it’s most famous for beautiful, expensive, high class hookers! It’s 750 roubles {30Eu} to enter but free if you book a table in the restaurant.

911 VIP
This is slightly cheaper than the first 2 but currently closed after a major fire which killed 10 people. There is a more brothel like sister club called 911 Erotic club near Leninsky Prospect which is still open. Until the fire it was regarded as one of Moscow’s very best strip places.

Bely Medved
Prospect Mira, 116a
This one {the name is Polar Bear in Russian} is a bit further out of town but very smart and plush. It’s famous for it’s acts involving stripping Russian peasant dances and is on 3 floors with several stages. Ground floor is topless only but the upper floors are full nude. It’s a hefty 35Eu to enter and they have recently installed private rooms at the back.

Zubovsky Bulvar 25
This is a very large place with 5 halls which each feature variations on the theme of naked women and yet another top class restaurant. Entrance charges vary but can get over 100 Eu late at night so it’s best to get there before 9pm when it’s cheap. There are 5 VIP rooms but like the drinks here they are expensive. Has a good claim to be the top place in town if you have enough money.

Safari Lodge
Prokrovka 32-34

This is one of the cheaper options with a maximum entry fee of around 18Eu. It’s got a hunting theme, has non stop strip shows from9pm to 6am, and a restaurant called Jaegerhaus upstairs. There are private rooms and even a cottage at the back complete with sauna. Until recently regarded as good value but reports in the last few months suggest it’s turning into a hustle fest.

1, Delegatskaya
One of the newer clubs and currently highly rated for it’s décor and stage shows. Still pricy but not as expensive as some of the others.

Raushskaya Naberzhnaya
Another slightly cheaper venue, the entrance is only 18Eu and inside it’s a plush place with 4 separate halls. It’s got a Japanese restaurant, 6 VIP rooms, and the girls seem less pushy than at other venues.

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