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Jessica’s Book 7 Step Strip Success has helped girls all around the world and some have found it has changed their working lives completely. She has created a manual at her website www.howtostripper.co.uk
Here are some comments from girls who have used her book in their words……

I worked Monday and Tuesday night, and set goals for myself. I visualized myself earning my goal and guess what… it worked! I’ve never made more than $350 on a week night, and on Monday I hit $500 and Tuesday I hit $650. Not to mention, I sold my first hour VIP!!! I was so excited and proud of myself 🙂 I told myself that I am worth $500 an hour and I found someone who was willing to pay that, and then some. I can’t wait for the weekend! I know in your book you said to take steps, and I wanted to set what I felt is a realistic goal for myself so I could believe it and see myself going home with that much. I’m working on Friday night, and my goal is $1000.

After reading your book and taking your advice my night went well and the reaction I receieved was unlike I’ve seen in a long time
New York

I got your Manuel yesterday in the mail and have just now finished reading it. I have read many books on selling and have implied the techniques with dancing. You have done a great job in putting together its context, I knew it took some time in the making for all that knowledge. I also used the “lets have some more fun” line that baby worked like a charm and I see some others in the book to test out. And I again sold champagne and had left with $500+. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Jess, you have really inspired me.


Jess, you have really inspired me..thank you. I cant wait to try some of these techniques..

First I want to say thanks for writing this course and the personal attention. I think your course is a lot better a course I spent $350 on three years ago! In fact, I found one particular bit very interesting and worthwhile – you said that other courses recommend not talking to guys about their jobs but that you found the opposite to be true. this is something that other courses teaches and I had always followed it in the past. The other day I remembered that bit from your manual and I asked a guy lots of questions about his job when I got the vibe that he was proud of his success. I ended up making $500 off of him, and I can credit that at least in part to your advice.

Las Vagas

Jess you are fantastic!!! Thank u for support! Sam – London

U really made me feel better! Thank you – Angel LA

After reading your book


After reading your book I was doing the “actress” thing n it worked I mean guys just went gag! But even more today than yesterday I mean random guys wud just walk up to me while I was in mid dance with another customer n wud give me money…I mean like I got all types of offers and they cudnt leave me alone

I’m definately practicing with the eye contact thing n getting into there heads so I know whom to be based on wat there lookin for…

Jeez I mean like u saved my dancing career…I dnt know in wat way to repay u…

Since buying your book and reading your email advice my earnings have definitely increased so thanks so much!

thank you soooooo much for ur guide this is gonna help me out soooo much and i cant wait to start making money!!

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly with all the helpful advice. I was surprised how quick you answered and how much you cared

I cannot believe that the information in your book made such a difference to my earnings. Thank you Jessica

To get the bookCLICK HERE

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