Coverdancer Lou Lou performing striptease shows

striptease showsGibraltar born Lou Lou has been working in adult films and modelling for a quite astriptease shows while but has only recently took up performing live striptease shows. Strip magazine met her to find out why and if she enjoys her new job.

Tyke How long have you been working as a stripper  doing striptease shows and why did you start ?

LL I have only been working for about 3 months so far. I have done quite a bit of modelling for the likes of the Daily Sport and appeared in various adult films but I only started after visiting Tiffany’s in Aldershot near where I live and seeing the strip shows they have on there. I thought at once that this would be something I could do well and would enjoy.

Tyke Did you do any lessons before starting striptease shows?

LL I have not been to any pole dancing or striptease classes, though I did gymnastics at school and even went to ballet school at one point so I am fit and flexible and soon picked up the pole work etc.

Tyke Did you enjoy your first night ?

striptease showsLL  Yes, very much. I love doing stage shows the dancing and being naked and the centre of everybody’s attention. I love seeing men enjoying themselves looking at me, I like choosing the costumes and music and making it into an act.

Tyke Where do you work currently ?



LL At the moment it’s just at Tiffany’s, I have tried a few clubs including Stringfellow’s and Spearmint but I much prefer the pub type jug collection places. It’s partly because with the jug collection you always more than cover your house fees, partly because they have too many girls on which makes them competitive and unfriendly places to work, partly because I love doing stage performances which don’t really count at clubs, and partly because of the very late nights working at a club involves. At somewhere like Tiffany’s also you get regular customers who you get to know, often treat you like a star, and it makes going back every time a pleasure.

Tyke How long will you continue ?

LL I enjoy it so much I will only give up when I am too old to get away with it any more! I’m only 23 so hopefully that will be a long time in the future.

Tyke How could we book you ?

LL Via Susie at Promises Agency





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