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Advice for Strippers


Today we have Jessica Simmonds, One of the worlds highest earning strippers give advice on how to sell alcohol. Even if your club doesn’t give you a percentage of the alcohol sales, this advice can help you make money. When your customer buys champagne or an expensive drink, it makes him get in a mindset which says that he is going to spend money and to blow the budget. So by selling for your club you will earn more.

How to sell Alcohol when you are working

Recently I have been asked to give advice on how to sell alcohol.

There are a lot of clubs especially in Europe which give you a percentage of the alcohol you sell. This can be a great thing for your pocket, but only if handled well.

Here are ways you can ask the customer to get you a drink/bottle and increase your money

Make sure you provide some fun for him


1) make sure you provide some fun for him before asking for a drink. The chance of him refusing you decreases by over 50% if he finds you good company. So make him laugh or have some kind of connection with conversation before suggesting
2) Touch him lightly before and during asking him for a drink or better yet suggest for him to get a drink rather then ask,so say, shall we get a drink together and have some fun? Touching someone makes them feel closer to you and makes it harder for him to say no.
3) If he has asked you for a drink and is taking charge of the buying, then you can increase the spend in the following way. When he is ordering the champagne say to him, I love the xxxxx champagne(choose one which is slightly more expensive) can we get this one please and hold his arm while asking with a smile and a sweet look on your face. He will find it hard to refuse you and will also set a pattern which will allow you to ask for more in other ways

When you are suggesting a Champagne

4) When you are suggesting a Champagne you can test different ways you can do this. If he says you choose one, say “Well darling I love Cristal” or something like that and then see his reaction,. Some will say ok that’s fine and others will say That’s too expensive in which case it is easier to come down in price from there and maybe even get a more expensive one rather than the cheapest one; Also it puts him in an expansive mood so that he is ready to spend money and have a good time.
5) When he says why do you have to drink Champagne or wine, say to him one of 2 options. If he is fun you can say, its so that I can stay slim and beautiful as it is low in calories. Or if he is more serious, say these are the club rules. But I prefer to make it fun and then say about the rules if he persists.

Also when you are “drinking” champagne make sure you are mindful of how much you are drinking. After all you are working and want to stay in control of the situation. So here are great ways to not drink too much

Sip very slowly and keep


1) sip very slowly and keep “clinking glasses” and saying cheers/sante/school or whatever the word is to keep the drinking going
2) Try and spill the contents of your drink if possible when no one is looking. This is not cheating but is necessary if you are to give the customer a great time. No guy finds a drooling drunk attractive
3) Some clubs will help you change your drink so that you are drinking a non
alcoholic version of wine/champagne., You can use apple juice and water or redbull and water

4) You will need excuses to change your drink and here are a few that I use.
a) bathroom
b) lets choose a song for the DJ to play
c) lets have a cigarette ( and leave your drink behind the bar – you do not have to smoke)
d) Let me get us some mints/sweet/chocolate for us etc
e) let me just get the barman so we can order…drink/peanuts get ice etc

Always take your drink with you


Always take your drink with you and just slip in casually that the club requires you to keep your drink with you at all times just in case someone puts something in it…and say “ I know you won’t but that’s the rules” so you don’t offend him

Always remember it is his night out for fun and you need to stay in control.

I hope you have fun with your customers and drink responsibly.

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