Platinum Lace hosted a round of the international Miss Clubs competition

Miss Clubs competition


The flagship central London branch of Platinum Lace hosted a round of the international “Miss Clubs” competition on August 19th. The competition has several rounds leading to a grand final in London in December and raises money for the Parachute Regiment charity.

The London  borough of Camden {home of the Lilith rape lie} has had it’s public consultation {a mighty 54 responses out of a population of 198,000 !} and it seems that it will give licenses to existing businesses but not to any new ones. It seems to be basically accepting “Grandfather rights” which were specifically excluded from the original bill though not officially, I am not clear what would happen should a club for example change hands. Tower Hamlets is apparently starting it’s sham public consultation on SEV licenses in September.

Alastair Watts of the very long established “White Horse” in High Wycombe is involved in a legal battle with the Performing Rights Society over the PRS license for his operation where he claims double charging on the girls performances.

Possible Olympic Decathlon contender Roger Skedd has revealed that he works part time as a male stripper to make ends meet.

After closing down “Divas” in Newquay last year a new campaign involving local bigots talking nonsense about location is taking place against “Halos” and “Wild Cherry” the 2 clubs currently operating.

The former “Fire and Ice” club in Ipswich has applied to convert into a lap dancing venue, as ever the nearby Churches are objecting. Another new club is applying to open at the former “Hustlers” snooker club in Weston super Mare, and an as yet unnamed new club in Derby is recruiting dancers. A pub called the “Rowan Tree” in Mayfield, Scotland has applied to start strip shows.

Bournemouth club “ Peaches” has a web site , as has the fairly new “Cyclone “club in Birmingham . The “ Nags Head” in Aldgate which is trying to convert into a club also has a web site.

The new film “ strippers v werewolves” mentioned before in this column is currently being filmed at the Hustler club in Croydon, which has also I understand introduced topless barmaids.

The “Perfect 10” club in Preston has converted a function room into a separate cocktail lounge.

The “Bedford Arms” in Hitchin has abandoned it’s attempt at dancers, also stopping strippers is the “Dartmouth Arms” in Canning Town. A man called Darren Wilkinson was caught trying to pass off forged money at the “Players Lounge” in Guildford.

Tony Cochrane boss of Scotland’s “ Private Eyes”Tony Cochrane boss of Scotland’s “ Private Eyes” {here with Fabio Capello} chain made the papers after getting a prize in a charity auction to meet the England football team.


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