Mistakes Dancers Make , dont forget to up sell


My last post was about not judging customers by appearance because we really can’t know if they are going to spend or not unless we approach them. We won’t lose a thing by talking to everyone. This leads me to my next subject: the mistake Dancers make of not always asking for as much as possible and trying to up sell.

When trying to get a customer (any customer no matter what he looks like) to buy a bottle of Champagne, always ask for the most expensive bottle first, if he says no suggest the second most expensive and then slowly work your way down to the cheaper ones. If you do it the other way and start low chances are very high he will settle for the first and cheapest option since he will feel no urge to impress you. Obviously most customers will not go for a €5000 bottle, but all of a sudden €450 will seem much more affordable than it would if he was first shown the cheapest bottle at €150. You can also read about how to deal with rejection at work

Dancers should use the same psychology when selling private dances, always suggest the most expensive VIP package first. He might not go for that but then again, he might! You really never know, I’ve been surprised many times! Nobody wants to look cheap so the cheapest option will look very unattractive when using this technique.

At last, once the bottle is empty or the dance has finished, never forget to ask for another one! You already have him on the hook, don’t let him go that easy! Find stripper jobs from all over Europe here

One thing is certain and that is that if we don’t ask for it we will probably not get it, at least not as often. We don’t lose anything by asking for more. Always set the bar high and go from there. Know and believe that you are worth it, never feel bad for asking for much or feel that you owe anyone anything.

Written by Nadia, former dancer and owner at Dance Away PR


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Author: Saxon

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