Judging customers ; Mistakes Strip Dancers Make #4


They say never judge a book by it’s cover and when it comes to customers visiting strip clubs this couldn’t be more accurate. Most Strip dancers will give a customer who is dressed in a suit preference over a sloppy dressed one. They will invest more time and effort into the first one and might not even be bothered to approach the second one. This is a big mistake! Stereotyping is very dangerous because you will miss out more than you will gain. Every person who walks through the door is worth talking to, they are in the strip club for a reason and they probably paid cover to get in so they can’t be absolutely broke.

If we really want to make the most out of our time at work we need to stop trying to figure customers out before approaching them. Just because someone doesn’t dress well or look wealthy doesn’t mean he hasn’t got money to spend on you. He might just be a very bad dressed millionaire, or just a regular guy with a credit card in spending mood. Either way, he is worth talking to. I have made loads of €€€ on customers who looked very unlikely to be big spenders. As a matter of fact, my all time fav customer are farmers, they have loads of money to spend and very easy to convince into doing so.

But  be aware: this works the other way around too, just because someone looks filthy rich (and might as well be) doesn’t mean he is going to be an easy customer. Of course he is worth talking to but it’s not worth staying with him all night in hope that he will make it worthwhile. Especially not if there are other customers around. Businessmen can be tricky, especially if they are working in sales themselves, if he is not willing to pay for Champagne or dances within a reasonable amount of time he might just as well just be a big time waster. So move on, don’t waste your time and don’t be fooled by appearance! Read an exclusive interview with a successful million dollar stripper.


Written by Nadia, former dancer and owner at Dance Away PR Find the best strip club jobs here


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Author: Saxon

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