Finding the best period to work a strip club

As the strip club industry has evolved with time, so has the best ways to work. Gentlemen’s clubs tend to be seasonal and there are many that will enjoy extremely profitable periods depending on location. Local sporting seasons, tourist seasons and conference seasons can all have a direct impact on how busy a club can be. Most clubs will have quieter periods. As a general rule, school holiday periods and post Christmas season are the quietest (February and August). The exceptions to these will be ski resorts in winter and summer resorts such as Majorca and Ibiza. This is referring to Europe. Southern Hemisphere locations, having Winter in August, such as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand are exempt from this. Finding the best period to work a strip club can come from some research and basic knowledge on what to look for.

Sporting Seasons and strip clubs

Sport is a male dominated industry and the right teams playing each other can invite a huge influx of potential clientele on trips away and ready to spend. Football (or soccer), Motorsport, Rugby, Boxing matches, Golf and big Cricket matches can enable a boost in earnings for strippers. Dancers that keep tabs on home local matches are scheduled will get an indication of nights worth working. World famous teams such as Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid can bring huge numbers of fans wherever they play. Events such as Cricket Test Matches and a Formula One Grand Prix contribute massively to the local economy. This includes the strip clubs and the right dancer can seriously cash in.

Conference seasons and what to look out for

Many major cities have an exhibition centre where trade shows and conferences take place. The upcoming events are always listed on the venue website and there are certain industries that are worth looking out for for the best period to work a strip club. Male dominated industries such as construction, engineering, metalworking and similar tend to bring large numbers of financially solvent clientele. Depending on country, these shows also bring suppliers or other hosts that wish to keep clients entertained for business purposes. Some companies will provide entertainment budgets so it can be a very easy sell if you catch a group in such a situation.

Even shows that aren’t typically masculine can bring many workers into the area, setting everything up. It is worth working at least the night before an exhibition typically starts as less girls tend to work this night but you can get more customers that have travelled in.

These periods aren’t for everyone

These tips won’t work for every dancer. Therefore, it’s up to an individual if it is the best period to work a strip club. They are for those that thrive in busy, hectic clubs. There are many girls that prefer to avoid these times for a number of reasons. Busy periods attract more customers but there is also an increase in girls and, therefore, competition. Accommodations fill up and book further in advance so some planning is required. These periods also tend to have more of a party atmosphere with more alcohol involved. Those girls that prefer to pick out a client carefully and take their time, don’t really do well in this situation and should consider it carefully.

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Author: Rochelle

I am a UK based, owner of an international stripper recruitment agency called Showgirls International. I have over 10 years club experience worldwide. When I think I have seen it all, something proves me wrong and that is what keeps me on my toes and fascinated with the industry!