How to charm your customers into liking you!

Charm your customers


Jessica Simmonds is going to give some of her secrets away
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How to charm your customer into liking you

1) Listen (and repeat)

Most of us are brilliant at talking, but how good are you at listening? Everyone feels good when we’re genuinely being listened to. It inherently makes us feel recognised, respected and accepted. So, if you want someone to like you, tune in those ears and bring your focus cleanly on what they’re saying and how. Be interested.

Another great way to charm them is by ‘reflecting’ their language back to them. For example, if they describe something as ‘fantastic’, use ‘fantastic’ several times in your conversation. This is called rapport building.

3) Be gracious and sincere

Greet people with grace, like Gwyneth Paltrow does. “She takes your hand, looks into your eyes and tells you what a pleasure it is to meet you – just as if this is the moment she’s been waiting for all day. It’s utterly and wonderfully disarming!”

4) Make ’em laugh!

Be witty! Nothing’s better than sharing a funny moment with someone. Just as long as you are laughing with them and not at them. Don’t overdo it; just keep it natural. The art is not about joke-telling but building a relationship where your customer feels comfortable and happy

5) Be prepared


Make sure you know about local things, restaurants, clubs and bars in your area, so that you can talk to your customers. This will make them see you as someone they would like.

Also if you know that your customers are business people, make sure you know about general hobbies they may have like golfing or skiing. You do not have to know a lot, but some information to let them keep talking, so that you can keep LISTENING.

If you do not know what they are into, you will find out after a couple of weeks when certain things keep coming up in conversation

6) Perfect your handshake

Make sure your handshake is feminine and you hands are soft. Your hands will tell be something that could be very attractive to a man if you hands look and feel good. So make sure they are well looked after and look attractive and feminine. Keep eye contact respectful and confident, not staring or distracted

7) Be generous with compliments

The golden rule here is sincerity. Take your time to truly sense what you like about this person – is it their dress (Does he looks really good in it)? Perhaps it’s their laugh (it makes you feel good)? And then offer your flattery. Giving compliments just because you want something from that person will never work. Lying is a turn-off.

8) Smile


I kow this is obvious, but sometimes the girls in the club are so nervous and worried about how they look to the customer, it shows on their face. Show your teeth; it’s both more friendly and attractive than smiling with a closed mouth.

9) Be positive

Talk about what’s going well in your life. Nobody wants to hang around a miserable moaner. Genuine positivity, on the other hand, is infectious. But check your joy levels! Is your happiness a bit much for the other? Or are they in tune with you?

Empathy is at the core of charm. If you can tell what makes people feel good or, conversely, uncomfortable, and respond accordingly, then you’re on course to joining George Clooney as a Master of Charm!

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