John Specht UK boss of Spearmint got himself into some hot water

John Specht UK boss of Spearmint


John Specht UK boss of Spearmint Rhino got himself into some hot water in a typical synthetically created misunderstanding over him accurately saying that stripping was a way female students could pay their raised tuition fees without getting into debt and that many girls had done so  in the past.

The Harp pub in East PeckhamThe “Harp” pub in East Peckham, Kent {left}is that increasingly rare beast an active strip pub outside London and it now has a web site with details of times , dancers etc. Another Kent based former strip pub the “Command House” in Chatham has stopped having dancers.

David Cameron has announced that there will be a voluntary ban on billboards advertising lap dancing clubs near schools.

Despite all the SEV nonsense new clubs are starting to open across the country. A new club to me is “G Seven” in Loughborough which also has a web site and seems to have opened in the summer .  A club called “Forbidden” is opening in Dewsbury and another called “Star’s Sports Bar” in Dundee.

A sister club to “Wiggle” in Bournemouth  opened in Portsmouth at the end of September and a new club in Leeds called “Bare Elegance” is opening in the former Blue Coyote bar in November. The Accrington club mentioned last month has been granted an SEV by the council and is to be called “Eye Candy”, the Lodge in Oxford also now has a license and will re-open at a new venue on November 17th .

Saints and Sinners


The attempt to open “Saints and Sinners” in Bedford has been turned down by the local council for the usual nonsensical reasons. “Halos” club in Newquay is in trouble with the council over breaches of the ridiculous “3 foot” rule. The “Flirtz” club in Lincoln has been fined £1,700 for not having a PPL {music} license. The “ Heaven” club in Stourbridge is closed as the owner Alistair Rose apparently owes £64k in council tax amongst other things.

A study into the actual impact of lap dancing clubs on communities has been announced by the University of Kent to be headed by Professor Phil Hubbard, of the university’s school of social policy, sociology and social research along with ex dancer Dr Rachela Colosi .

I assume this will be a proper {ie not a Bindel farce} study and should blow yet another hole in the various lies pedaled by the likes of Object. Pity something similar wasn’t done prior to the idiot Harman legislation.

Talking of idiot legislation and lies Tower Hamlets had a “public discussion” about their proposed “nil” policy where a range of bigots gave vent to their irrational views supported by local Labour and  Respect councillors,

However the rather more sensible council in Cambridge has rejected a “nil” policy in the end as they feel it would not stand up to legal challenge.

 RihannaRaunchy pop star Rihanna {right] got into trouble for touching dancers at a visit to Stringfellow’s in October.

Study on dancers


The study on dancers early this year by Teela Saunders of Leeds Uni is to be followed up in 2012 by a series of workshops for dancers to discuss the various issues which came out of the report over things like job security, working conditions etc. Anybody interested in organising a workshop should contact Teela at  [email protected]

The legal dispute over the lucrative strip of land outside the Rocket club in Birmingham mentioned in August’s column has been decided in the favour of Allan Sartori the ex manager.

The Angels minibusThe “Angels” club in Birmingham now has a striking mini bus {right} used to pick up customers and for promotional events.

The “Players” club in Maidstone now has a web site . The former “Devil’s Advocate” club in Norwich is up for sale as is “ Baby Blue” in Leicester.

An inter University pole dancing competition is to be held in Bethnal Green in Feb 2012. May become like the Boat Race in another hundred years !

Stephen LessSecrets boss and former strip magazine interviewee left Stephen Less was taken around Silverstone in an Aston Martin driven by ex World Champion Damon Hill after bidding £3k for the prize at an auction raising money for a local hospice.

I understand that ex Coverdancer Lolita see is moving to Australia.

A pub called the “Castle Bar” in Ballycastle , Northern Ireland plans to start strip shows in November.



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