Feng shui for strippers How to make more money.

Feng shui for strippers; Most experienced dancers or hostesses will agree that the ability to make a mental and emotional ‘connection’ with a customer is what makes the most money in their business. Remember the legendary saying ‘All you need is just one good guy’? Or ‘You can only make so much selling dances, but when you really get into a guys head and heart, you get into his wallet’?


Stripping or selling champagne is a very competitive job to do, so how do you do very well in this profession? Surely it helps to be attractive, outgoing and well presented, but in larger clubs there are plenty of girls that look equally attractive, dressed in generic outfits and even say the same thing or strike the same conversation with a guy that walks in. So how do you make yourself unique, memorable or catchy? How do you gain more control over your own popularity, so that you can ask for VIPs instead of dances, to be tipped more and get good regulars?


It’s all ‘in the eye of the beholder’! In other words its up to a customer to decide whether you are worth the big money or not, its what he ‘sees’ in an entertainer and not necessarily what she really is. Every dancer tries to establish a strong rapport with her patron but ultimately he is the one who chooses if he wants to ‘let her in’ and how much control to allow her.


What I advocate in the selling method described in my book ‘Feng shui for strippers’ is to wear an outfit of one solid basic color, like those found in the rainbow for instance, to radiate a definitive ‘feel’, or mood (as in a ‘mood lamp’) that is instantly relatable for a man of any culture, background or walk of life so then the sale of dances or champagne by a girl would depend on whether the customer likes the ‘ambience’ or mood she is offering. I also explain how to choose a color to wear on a particular shift at work, and even how to choose a place and day of work, which is not the same for every girl and depends on what best compliments her personal (electromagnetic) energies. The method is largely supported by scientific studies on Color Therapy and is not what customers would want to reject or resist.


In short the book ‘Feng shui for strippers’ is a collection of alternative or ‘new age’ methods of improving the dancer’s/hostesses relatability and unconditional attractiveness to the audience. She has to come across as the one representing something timeless, natural, a basic wavelength that brightens the room.


For more articles on using Feng shui for strippers and hostessing professions visit my blog  or follow the link below to buy ‘Feng shui for strippers’ on the Amazon




Lena Smirnova.

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