Cover model and Penthouse Pet Jana Cova

She was born Jana Oujeska, but the world knows her as Jana Cova.Jana started out as a bikini model and ended up as the Cover model and Penthouse Pet of April 2003.

These days her website and her production co. Jana Cova Productions keep her busy.

Q – Jana, how did you get to be a model? Is this something you actively pursued or did someone see you and hand you a business card?

A – I always wanted to be a fashion model. But, I am way to short 5’3’, And, one day my boyfriend at the time, met me with his friend who was agent in Prague. So, I started my modeling career here in Europe. I really didn’t like it even when I did only soft core solo stuff. I started enjoying my job after I came to L.A. to shoot with Stephen Hicks. I met there with Cam Smith, the best L.A. agent ever and since then we worked together. And, it’s been awesome. 8 years already. Even now, when I am ready to stop modeling and focus on my production only.

Q – Have you ever worked at a job that had nothing to do with modeling?

A – When I finished High School I attend to language school to study English for one year and after that I come straight to adult business. So, no, I never had other job than modeling.

Q – When a woman is named Penthouse Pet of the month, what kind of offers come your way? Are you contacted by movie producers? T.V. producers? Movie and T.V. directors?

Jana CovaA – Not really. Most of the models who become Pet of the month already have an agent, so this title may help them to get more work, more better paying jobs. But, it’s mostly on the agent how he/she will present the girl with title, Pet of the month. Me, personally could ask for more money for various jobs. And the main change for me was when Digital Playground offered me contract for 2 and half years. It was a great experience. But, I’m not sure if my title could do anything with this or not.

Q – How did life change for you when your photos appeared in Penthouse?

A – My life really didn’t change. I think that it may change for Pet of the year, because she has to travel a lot and do promoting stuff for Penthouse. But, for me it really didn’t change anything.

Q – Some Penthouse Centerfolds will choose to embark on the Dance Circuit after they’ve been selected as a Pet of the month or Pet of the year. You chose a different route. Why?

A – Well, it wasn’t that I decided to get in to Adult movies after being Pet of the month. I already shot Adult movies even before I became Pet of the month. So, I just continued to do what I was doing before and I never wanted to be a stripper. I love to dance, but, I don’t think I am that good to charge money for it.

Q – Marilyn Monroe was a Centerfold. Yet, she parlayed her fame into a career in mainstream films. Why couldn’t you have done the same or is that what you’re trying to do with Jana Cova Productions?

A – I was never interested in mainstream films. I just love what I do for living and that is shooting adult movies. I never worked with male performers for any other productions and for me it’s nice and sexy to work with some hot girl or do solo stuff as well because that is something that I do for so long. I know stuff so. I can pass it to other girls too and I know what I want to have in my own movies. I know what I would do in front of camera.

Q – What kind of a guy gets to date a Penthouse Pet? Does he have to be rich and famous? If a guy just had some kind of a regular job and asked you out – would you take him up on his offer?

A – Well, I can speak only for myself, but, guy who gets to date me, doesn’t have to be rich and famous. I never had famous guy but only regular guys, with regular job. I prefer smart, funny guy with some charisma and good sense of humor who can take care of me, who can make me happy and smile. That is much more important than full bank account. I can make my own money.

Q – How long do you think you’ll continue in front of the cameras? Have you put a time limit on yourself?

A – Yes, I did put a time limit on myself. Mostly, I shoot scenes for my production, but, I am planning to go to L.A. for my last working visit at the end of this year (2009) and then I will be done with performing in front of camera and will focus on work behind the camera. I would love to have a baby. That is the most important thing for me for awhile already. I think that I did a lot in this industry. For some girls it’s hard to stay in this business for more then few years. I was able to stay busy for 10 years. I built my name. I became Pet of the month. I had a contract with one of the best adult productions ever. I was on almost every magazine cover. Worked with the best photographers, productions, Opened my own production. I have my own website. So, I think it’s time for me to start doing something else than performing in front of camera and leave this to younger girls.

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