Strippers work in the US

Strippers work in the US

And these days, getting a ‘work visa’ essentially requires that you advance book a ‘tour’ through a US agency to get strippers work … meaning that the US gov’t will know in advance exactly when you are coming, exactly where and when you will be working, and most importantly when you will be leaving the US upon completion of your ‘tour’.With recent changes in the US ‘student visa’ program, it is no longer possible to sign up as a student at a US college and then legally work for any US business too (other than the college itself).

Obviously, it is possible (but not legal) to simply come to the US on a ‘tourist visa’, and be hired by non-‘corporate’ clubs who are far more concerned with a dancer’s ‘hotness’ and hustle factor than with her paperwork. However, such clubs that are willing to turn a blind eye towards immigration law also tend to turn a blind eye towards other laws as well (i.e. prostitution, drugs etc.). Unfortunately, such clubs are also increasingly becoming LE {Law Enforcement}targets for a variety of reasons.

The risk of course is that if you were to be working at one of these clubs, and if the club is busted for any reason, and if in the process LE checks your paperwork (or lack thereof), you stand the risk of being deported and black-balled by US customs. However, if you don’t have any reason to ever return to the US in the future, then you really don’t have all that much to lose ti find Strippers work in the US

Not wanting to encourage any illegal activities, but the following facts help put things in perspective. There are already 1/2 million foreigners illegally residing in the USA who have already drawn the attention of LE and US courts and thus have had deportation orders issued against them … but are still here. There are untold millions of additional foreigners illegally living and working in the USA who have not yet drawn the attention of LE. And arguably, as the result of the recent election, any efforts currently being made by LE to seek out foreigners illegally living and working in the USA will decline in the future. One could logically assume that the odds of drawing LE attention for an Anglo girl who is not attempting to collect gov’t social welfare benefits, who is not attempting to register as a US college student, who is not attempting to register a US house / car / gun purchase, who is not involved with gangs / drugs / prostitution etc. are extremely low !!!

The only area of significant difficulty could be those US cities that require dancers to obtain a license – at which point your citizenship and lack of a ‘work visa’ would wave a red flag. Such cities include Vegas, Atlanta, most of Texas … but do not include New York City, Florida, or most cities on the east and west coasts.

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