I am a funloving wild and crazy chick who likes to have fun and laugh! Life is short live it up! I  started bar tending at  a club on sept 11. 01…. after a few months of working there I decided I wanted to try it out… it looked like fun and easy money!

My first time onstage ,,,I was sooo damn drunk… I had to drink to ease my nerves back then.. i danced to britney spears I’m a slave for you… lol


What is the best part of being a Striptease dancer? And for how long will you continue?


the best part is meeting cool people and making them smile.. I love to entertain and make people happy  I will continue as long as the industry allows me! or my body:)


Congratulations on you “Entertainer of the Year” nomination!


Do i think i will be nominated again?

I hope so!!!! it was a great honor to be in the running for entertainer of the year… and even greater honor to perform on stage in Vegas with such wonderful and talented ladies!


Were hear about the great synergy between you and Richelle during your show. What do you think makes Diamond Dolls so hot?

Richelle and I have been friends since June of 2009.. We actually met through myspace and immediately had crushes on each other… just by looking at each others pics! I think our synergy is great because we are such good friends as well as taking it to the next level and being intimately involved… No matter what, we cherish our friendship first.

Diamond Dolls is hot because you can see the chemistry we have between us. We love to have fun and be wild and crazy together… We add a sexy/fun/down and dirty/leaving you laughing/and turned on kinda spin to things!!! You won’t wanna miss this!!!

RICHELLE:In your words, What do you think makes Diamond Dolls so hot? Is there a real chemistry between you guys off stage? 

We have amazing chemistry together when were performing and when were not, we love eachother and it shows on the stage and off 🙂 
What do you feel is Lisa’s most attractive attribute? 
Her personality and the fact she’s a smoking hot blonde with big fake tits is what makes me weak in the knees for her 😉 hahaha


How do you look at the industry and the directions it’s going to?


I believe the industry is moving towards pole dancers more.. times are changing… gotta go with the flow!


What are your plans for the future?


I want to dabble in reality tv, perhaps guest star in a few music videos, and perform with Richelle Ryan in our duo act Diamond Dolls!


What do you have to say to a girl, who wants to get into this industry and become a dancer?

I would tell her to keep her nose clean! Invest her money and save her money!

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received from a customer?


Lisa Licious12That I have a great personality


Diamond Doll’s super hot show will be performing at “The Gentlemen’s Club” in Mooresville North Carolina on Oats RD (Exit 36 on Interstate 77). The Upscale Strip Club will be opening some time in March so no exact date has been set. Mooresville, “NASCAR or Race City USA” and it’s tightly knit community is eagerly awaiting the grand opening of what is expected to be a great entertainment spot for not only men but women and couples as well. With a full service restaurant, lunch and dinner buffets as well as the ability to watch sports the club is sure to be the new hot spot for many!


How to get in contact with you for booking:




@Lisaliciousxxx on twitter

Lisa Lish on Facebook  www.facebook.com/lisaliciousrocks1

Lisa Licious   www.facebook.com/lisaliciousrocks

Diamond Doll

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