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If you want to travel the globe and make money stripping, what is next? How do you find a good stripper agent?

Understanding the unique needs of dancers, many are taking their hustle to the next level. It is no surprise then how many niche enterprises are bursting up within the international striptease industry, with stripper-agent being a perfect one.

The Striptease Agency founder, Angela talks about her career.

Angela began dancing in strip clubs ten years ago in Stockholm, Sweden. Now she travels the world hooking up boss babes with cool clubs. Like for many dancers, the first club of her career was close to home.

“It was not good, but I had nothing to compare it to because I was brand new. I made OK money, but in stripper money, I made useless money.”

Later she would dance in Gothenburg and discover a refreshed appetite for stripping, rating the city as very good. This though is only open to Swedish dancers.

“We set our own prices and you don’t have to drink alcohol. All the girls have their own companies and card machines.”

swedish bikini in strip club

A dancer on her European tour.

The creative entrepreneur’s passion for horses and business.

Angela had started her first company in her early twenties. She established a successful riding school business. Her passion for horses and all things equestrian gave her the drive to be successful. Being with the horses, caring for them, sharing with others the freedom she found with riding would become the base for what she would do next.

“When I stopped doing horses I tried to find something else that would let me travel the world and work.”

cash cleavage glitter dress nightlife

Dancers who travel for work can see the world.

Angela’s first big overseas strip-trip took her to Cape Town, and a club called Mavericks. Cape Town would yet become one of her favourite places in the world, a place to even call home.

From here she just knew she would have to travel the world! Over seven different countries are now in her portfolio, which counts over ten clubs in three continents.

The latest London club to open is a real scoop for The Striptease Agency. The UK capital means big money for stripping.

“As a stripper you can dance around the world in very nice places and make good money.”

three women with sandy bottoms on the beach

The Striptease Agency on the beach.

“To be an agent, you must have a backbone and not be too money hungry. I don’t want to send girls to the other side of the world to clubs where I know they won’t be happy. There’s no point.”

Early on in her stripping career, an agent had sent Angela to a strip club overseas where the main product for sale was Champagne and Angela had specifically told the agent that was not her style.

Each club has it’s own way of doing things. This extends out internationally when you are a travelling stripper.

“As an agent you have to have a lot of integrity because clubs pay a lot of money for girls and you can lie, send girls anywhere. The goal isn’t always money. It’s to create a life on your own terms. I love freedom, money and travel. So I found a job that gives me this. And now I also get to be part of a good fit between club and dancer. I go out and find great clubs with great set-ups to send girls to.”

The Striptease Agency talks about her favourite destinations and where she also arranges dancers for clubs:

“Guam is a tropical paradise island. It’s got perfect weather, clear water, amazing sunsets, dollar showers and loads of cute military boys to hustle for money.”

“Copenhagen, wow, this club is so 2019! It is a machine, everything is on point! The girls are gorgeous, the club itself is brand new and the marketing is absolutely killing it. This is the best club in town for strippers.”

“Paris, I love the opportunity this club is giving. The club looks amazing with leopard carpets. The crowd is from all over the world. This is a no-touch club. It has a stage that you will love if you are a good dancer.”

Agents For Travelling Strippers

If you are thinking of stripping abroad, or even in another club in your city, the services of an excellent agent are well worth investigating. Usually, a dancer does not pay commission to an agent; it is billed at the club’s end.

There are agents with every country on their books, and an application process that never leaves the computer, and there are agents with smaller enterprises and a more personal touch. This can be reassuring if you are a new dancer, what some call the ‘Baby Stripper’ phase, where you learn on your feet.

Better to know things upfront so you can choose what is right for you.

Some agents will guide you what to do, but be quite hands-off in the process and you would arrange all your own travel and visas, but accommodation and perhaps an airport pick-up would be arranged for you. Other agents like to arrange flights, or arrange to have flights reimbursed after you complete your contract at the club.

About Your Dancer Contract

Discussing the contract will be a much easier thing to do before you arrive, to be sure you understand what is being asked and offered. This will tell principle things like accommodation for the dancers, travel in and out of work, dress-code for the dancers, stage times, opening and closing times, commissions, and even fines for not meeting these agreements, such as stage times.

Travelling Stripper’s Contracts

These tend to be every night, with one day off, rarely two, and at least up to a month. Two-week contracts are available. Longer contracts of up to three months can sound like a cash-machine with a cocktail, but it will depend on the work/life balance.

For example, if you work a city club six nights a week, and you happen to make money from sales of Champagne too, you will get tired and a month would be maximum.

If you are dancing in a club that closes before 3am each night, and your shift starts after ten or eleven in the evening, and it happens to have a stunning beach nearby, it will be easier to take the sun, and take that longer contract. 

Finding The Right Agent For You

It may seem so easy while you are making an agreement from your bedroom-slippers via an online application form, but if an agent sends you to a place where you do not feel comfortable, consider what would you want to do in this situation?

Of course, it is better to be sure you are going to a good place, in the first place. There are creepy, bogus places and people in the world, and there are places that are superb and professional and will value the team in every way professional.

It is also the case that not one hat fits all. You need to get things clear in your mind with a good agent, especially if you are a Baby Stripper.

Be Fully Involved In Your Own Plans

Don’t be passive just because an agent is hooking you up. Listening to your instincts is what will make you a safer, more liberated travelling stripper. Ask questions and cross-reference with your own research.

This will also make the whole adventure more empowering, which is the real gold you will take away from your stripper travels.

A travelling woman’s life is the bigger picture. Stripping your way around the world can be part of that. This is where you will experience those immaculate moments, counting your lucky stars that you can travel, have fun, make money and meet incredible people.

Especially other travelling strippers!

We love nothing more than to share stories of where we have been, what was good, what was funny or awful. This happens from club to club in any city around the world, but when it goes international, that is a conversation to be in on.

The Striptease Agency reflects on what she loves most about her lifestyle as a travelling stripper and director of a successful agency for dancers.

“The knowledge that when you have itchy feet, you can just rock up somewhere and have work, money, friends, adventures… Long nights dancing in clubs where you will meet people from all over the world.”

“It is a thrilling life style to have and as a cherry on top you can save proper amounts of cash to use for making your dreams come true, like education, business, travel. I say, do something meaningful with such an opportunity.”

Angela continues dancing around the globe, updating news and views via her Instagram posts. Of course, she still loves horses too!

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