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Fawnia Mondey


Fawnia Mondey-Dietrich, or Fawnia for short, is an actress, a model, a dancer, a body double, and a fitness athlete. She’s appeared in Playboy, Maxim magazine, Flex magazine, ms. Fitness magazine, and the list just goes on and on.
She’s taken 1 st Place for the title of Miss Nude British Columbia 1995-1996, 1 st Place for North America Exotic Dance Champion 1995-1996; and 1 st Place for Miss Nude Amateur World 1995 – 1996, to name just a few of her many titles.
Fawnia is also an Exotic Dance Instructor and creator of the DVD “Learn How To Exotic Dance And Strip Tease.”
We welcome Fawnia to the website.Q – Fawnia, I see you entered and won contests for Miss Nude British Columbia and Miss Nude Amateur World. Was this before you became a Fitness model
A – Yes, it is Fresh out of high school I began working as an Exotic Dancer.

Q – I take it you don’t like the word Stripper and prefer Exotic Dancer, to describe what you did.
A – Yeah. I was an Exotic Dancer.

To be a stripper is merely somebody that is taking off their clothes


Q – What’s the difference?
A – Well, I guess the end definition would of course be the same, but, I guess it would really reflect on how the person who holds that title would feel about themselves. So, because I did put in an effort into my shows, incorporated pole dancing and floor work and really used the songs to tell a story. I would say that I was an entertainer or an exotic dancer. To be a stripper is merely somebody that is taking off their clothes onstage and really don’t put a lot of effort into their work.

Q – So, you were more of what we would call a Feature Dancer
A – Yeah. In Canada many of the girls that do work, when they’re compared to somebody working in the United States would automatically be categorized as a Feature because we do four songs, we might have props or theme costumes or pyrotechnics in our show. That’s just everyday life for us, whereas in the U.S. you’re lap dancing. You may not go onstage. We were all Features in Canada at that time.

Q – Did you mainly dance in Canada, or did you make your way to the U.S?
A – Ironically, I’ve only danced one year in the United States and that was in 2008, believe it or not. Because of the recession, I had to go back to dancing.

Q – Where did you perform?
A – Here in Las Vegas, where I live.

Q – Then you made the jump from dancing to a model and actress?
A – Yup. Well, I guess I didn’t use it towards my modeling. I really keep everything separate.

Q – In 2001, you acted in two films – “Dakota Bound” and “Cries of Innocence.” What kind of films were they?
A – I think they’re categorized as Erotic Thrillers. So, there was a little bit of violence using guns, females shooting guns, that kind of thing. There was also some soft nudity, topless, from the top up, from the middle up. (Laughs). From the back you could see the full back.

Q – You had the starring role in these films?
A – Yeah. I was the lead in both films. However, in ‘Dakota Bond’, I was the bad girl and then in ‘Cries of Innocence’ I was the good person. So, very different characters between the two.

Q – Have you been in other films since then?
A – Those were the two main ones that I was the lead. I’ve been working in various films from ‘Profile for Murder’ with Lance Hendrickson. I was a murder victim in that film. Then, ‘Millennium X – Files’ and ‘Outer Limits’ which are Vancouver, Canada based television shows.

Pole Fitness Studio


Q – What is a Pole Fitness Studio?
A – It’s a studio where they use a vertical pole, originated from the Stripper Stage that is used for fitness. So, it’s an exercise facility usually just for women, but, we have co-ed classes as well to help people get in better shape.

Q – Do you have any celebrities that you train? Are you able to mention their names?
A – I’m not able to say, but there are some famous people who do come from time to time.

Q – You also travel around the country giving lectures?
A – You know, it’s funny; I’d like to travel more. The only place I’ve officially gone to is Australia. And – I do my best to go there once a year.

Q – You’ve been on your own since the age of 15?
A – That’s correct.
Q – Does that mean you dropped out of school at 15?
A – No, I had to move in with my boyfriend at the time. I never quit school. I was actually the vice, President of the Student Council, and I had 27 credits when I was only expected to have around 15. So, I took extra courses.

Q – So, after high school is when you got into the dancing?
A – That’s correct. A few months after high school finished I started dancing.

Q – Why?
A – Well, I really enjoyed, well, Number 1, I needed to make a decent income and working at a clothing store in the mall was not really working, ‘cause I was living on my own. Ironically, for my 19 th birthday, we went to a strip club. All these beautiful women were onstage. I did grow up with theatre, in terms of education and school. I thought, well, o.k. maybe I’ll give this a try. You can kind of make it creative. It doesn’t have to be seedy. It can really be an art form. So, I decided I would just give it a shot and turn it into what I thought exotic dancing should be. And, I was never, ever ashamed of it. So, I took my acting background and put it onto the exotic dance stage.

Q – How long before you opened your studio?
A – I started dancing in October 1994. I was 19. And, then I quit in March 1996. I was 20.

Q – You bill yourself as a Fitness model?
A – Yeah, well, I am. I’m currently in a variety of magazines to this day, from American Curves, Oxygen, Muscle Mag. Muscle And Fitness, Planet Muscle, Body Sport. So, I’m in a variety of magazines all the time.

Q – How did you got to be a Fitness model?
A – I started working out with weights when I lost 30 pounds from being an exotic dancer, because I had a good genetic frame to begin with. People were suggesting for me to go to the gym. They would see me onstage and were like, ‘You actually have a good body. Do you work out? Oh no well, you should. You should compete. So, I’m like O.K., well maybe I should. Just started building muscle. I’ve been kind of playing with weights since I was 13 years old. But, to take it seriously from losing weight, to maybe shaping the body that was underneath all the body fat. That’s just where it came from. To this day, it’s just a good idea to weight train, just to maintain bone density, to keep muscle mass to burn calories from day to day.

Q – Do you have a trainer?
A – No. I just train with my husband. I’m currently getting ready for a show. I’m trying to get my Pro Card. That’s my fitness goal.

Fawnias official Website: www.polefitnessstudio.com

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