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Zdenka Podkapova


She calls Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic – home.She was first seen by readers of “Penthouse” Magazine in April 1998, when she was chosen as Penthouse Pet of the month.Two years later, she won Penthouse Pet of the year 2001.She was the first girl in history, from the Czech Republic to win the title as Pet of the year and the second girl from Europe.

She is – Zdenka Podkapova.

Q- Besides running your website (www.Sexy-Zdenka.com), what else occupies your time these days?

A – Besides my website, I’m working as a model for different clients and companies. I just recently got back from Las Angeles where I worked for Shirley of Hollywood, a major lingerie company. This Sunday I’m going on another photo shoot project and I’m preparing for a working trip to Paris too. So, I have lots going on right now and I’m happy about that.

Q – How successful is your website? People sign up so they can see the new pictures you regularly post?

A – I’ve been running my official website www.sexy-zdenka.com about 9 years. And, I’ve worked on it almost all by myself. I do all the graphics, edit the videos, answer all the e-mails I get from fans and lots lf other stuff too. Only a few weeks ago I opened a new section called Intimate Confession that has videos where I answer questions that my members send in. the site has 31,000 pictures of me shot almost all exclusively for my member’s area, plus there are about 75 videos up now, some professionally shot erotic videos, some behind – the – scenes videos from my working trips. I also chat to my members from my site. There are lots of things.

I love to dance


Q – When you travel – are you traveling to dancing engagements? Are you doing photo signings?

A – I love to dance, but, I don’t dance professionally in men’s clubs if that’s what you meant. Signed photos are available to my members in an auction area on my site.

Q – Wouldn’t your career be better served if you were living in the United States, say New York or Los Angeles, rather than the Czech Republic?

A – I don’t know if it would be very different, but for sure it would be much easier. I remember modeling in the beginning; it was so difficult because for me the language barrier was so big. For girls from the U.S. everything was easier, language, traveling, etc. It was easier for them to do T.V. work, promo events, and radio interviews. Plus, they were closer to where it was all happening.

Q – How many other women in the Czech Republic are looking for a modeling career like you? Any idea?
A – I have no idea how many women are looking for a career in modeling. But, one thing I know, here in (the) Czech Republic there’s no shortage of beautiful looking women.

Q – You were a professional gymnast before your modeling career took off. You say you were not the best gymnast in the world, yet you were a professional gymnast don’t you have to be pretty good to be a professional gymnast.

A – My motto is – Only one can be the best. Second place is not good enough. There’s some kind of motor inside me that drives me to be the best I can be. Sometimes that’s good, but. Sometimes it can be destructive too. Yes, of course you have to be very good to be a professional, but, I wasn’t the best in the world. I was on the Czech national team and I have a few gold medals from different championships.

Q- You didn’t start modeling until you graduated from college. Is that correct?

A – I had some modeling experience before I graduate, but, it wasn’t anything Big. I only started full-time modeling after I finished studying

Q – Your first professional shoot was in October 1996 what kind of photos did this photographer take of you? Semi-nude? Nude on the beach?

A – If I remember right, the shoot was on Canaria Island and we shot semi-nude and some nude on the beach.

Q – How did life change for you when you made the pages of Penthouse magazine? What offers came in for you?

A – My life changed because that’s when I started to be a full-time model and suddenly I was very busy traveling the world on different shoots. This job brought me independence and I got to meet lots of interesting people and I had the chance to get much more life experience then I would have otherwise. I’m happy that my life changed this way but I don’t think it changed my personality. I’m still the same down-to-earth girl. I got some good offers and some bad offers. Some from very serious and professional companies, clients, and magazines and of course some from cowboys. But, you have to stay strong and keep within the borders you set for yourself. This business can grind you down very fast so you have to stay strong and not let others decide what’s best for you.

winning the Penthouse Pet


Q – And then, what did winning the Penthouse Pet of the year 2001 title mean for your career?
A – You know what? It’s really a long time ago and now if I look back, it’s not such a Big Deal. But, I do remember at the time I was really happy I’d won. I was young and thinking a bit differently then I do now about that kind of thing. I was the first girl from the Czech Republic to win the title USA Penthouse Pet of the year and I think only the third girl from Europe that’s what pleased me the most I suppose. A few gears later I started moving away a little from that part of the business because I started to feel it was too demanding. So now I’m much more in control of my career shooting exclusive pictorials and video for my website and working with just a select handful of clients or photographers who I know well that are producing really good erotic or nude or lingerie work. I really love to work with them.

Q – So, ultimately what would you like to see happen to your career.

A – I like to learn everything that I’m doing. Lately, I’ve been taking much more interest in lighting and photography and now I’m dallying with the idea of becoming a photographer. I really enjoy being behind the camera too. But, anyway who knows what destiny has in store for me?

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