Feature dancer interview with Eva Morales

In Spain Eva Morales is a well know name within the striptease and erotic industry. She has been an entertainer for more that 20 years.Strip-magazine.com had the great opportunity to meet her and ask her some questions.

One of the things that really stands out with Eva, is that she’s always smiling and showing a professional attitude when she’s working.

Tell me about your experience as a dancer and how you started as a Striptease dancer.

I started at 19 years of age when I promoted my first adult film productions in Spain in which I participated, that’s how my first multitudinous shows began. Pass to live as a 19-year-old to be visualized by thousands of people overnight.

My experience as a dancer has always been very positive because it’s something that, since.  I put on my high-heeled shoes and my fishnet stockings, its another person that is being born in that moment. The Performance that I created every day before starting my show, is what gives me life and continue in this wonderful world of nude art and striptease.

How was the first time for you on stage?

My first time on stage was something very exciting. The first thing I visualised were many lights and all those people eager to see something different, that made them feel magic. For me it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life, my first show. I remember that I was so nervous that I took off even the stockings while I was barefoot and without shoes.

What is the best part of being a Striptease dancer and how long will you continue?

For me, the best part of being a stripper is the recognition of my audience. The effort of every day to overcome your image in front of a demanding audience and above all. The best part of being a dancer is that you spend wonderful times doing what that you like and earning your life very well. Knowing people from all over the world and consequently traveling and living new experiences.

How long will I continue dancing?

I do not know, I consider myself an intermittent artist where I leave the time for my body and mind to disconnect and I can return with more energy. That can take me even months where I leave enough time to return with an optimal energy. The time of show business is something that I can not answer today, because for me dancing is a great passion.

How do you see the industry and the directions it goes to?

I think that the industry is currently taking good steps especially in Europe. Many countries in the community are focusing the strip clubs to real adult entertainment places. And every day we can find more quality in strip-tease stores in Europe. Where before Maybe there was a little more lack of information and today we can go further with specialised websites like Strip Magazine.com.

The important thing is not to forget that, a stripper is an artist from the moment the dancer starts until her show ends.

What are your plans for the future?

I am a very restless and very versatile person, at the moment I am still dancing because it is something that I do not want to leave for the moment. But I continue my business with the sale of lingerie on my official website moralespeople.com And I believe that in the future I will continue creating doing Until my body says enough. The plans for my future is to be able to continue in the Show-business world in any of its facets.

What do you have to say to girls who want to enter this industry and become dancers?

That girls who want to take this path do so with enthusiasm and passion, true that the economic reward is always rewarding but never forget. That the art of the nude has to be valued and taken care of as what it is, we are artists of strip-teases.

What is the best compliment you received from a client?

I could tell you some but for example, to be dancing on the stage and have you rain dollars, to send flowers to the show room where you work or just to say “Eva you are wonderful, for you time does not pass”

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Author: Saxon

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