Feature Strip Dancer Interview with Marissa

Marissa is a Sexy and very entuastic Feature Strip Dancer, that Strip-magazine had the pleasure of talking to. She has a very warm personality, so you understand why customers likes her so much. She describes herself as a very straight forward person, someone who wants to be judged by performance and rewarded for here results.

Larissa Feature Strip Dancer


Tell me about your dancing background and how you starting as a Striptease dancer?

When I was younger I always dreamed about dancing and performing on the stage. So I decided to go to Austria 5 yeras ago to make it happen. Since then I got alot of knowledge about the business and colleagues recomended me to go and try out Norway.

How was the first time for you on stage? I think all of us from the industry will remember our first time as a complete nightmare! Read an exclusive interview with a million dollar stripper

What is the best part of being a Striptease dancer and for how long will you continue? The best part for me is that I get to meet all different kind of personalities and also performing on the stage. Never say never but even beauty doesnt last forever.

How do you look at the industry and the directions its going to? I belive this industry used to be more popular then it is nowadays, but if you choose the right place you can still succeed.

Larissa Feature Strip Dancer
What are your plans for the future? This is something what doesnt keep me bussy for the moment, in this moment I enjoy my 20`S and freedom.

What do you have to say to a girls who wants to get into this industry and become a dancer? Try to be your best and trust in yourself, good luck and enjoy your job! Read the shocking history of Striptease


What is the best compliment you recived from a costumer? There are many compliments I have from customers, the best one for me is that I have the best and most beautiful natural breast.!

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Author: Saxon

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