Peter Stringfellow begs Nigel Farage to un-resign and offers punters free lap dances

Peter Stringfellow begs Nigel Farage to un-resign and offers punters free lap dances to celebrate Conservative election victory

Strip-club owner Peter, 74, was so overwhelmed with joy at David Cameron’s election victory that he offered free shots and free lap dances to people who come to his clubs.

He said of a potential political career: “It has opened my mind to the

possibility and the idea of going back to my home city and taking him on would be my first choice.

“Everybody knows my clubs are full of beautiful girls taking their clothes off. I don’t want to be Hugh Hefner… so a bit later on in life I like the idea of going into politics and I think I could contribute the reality.” Find more information about the Stringfellows Club here: 

Anyhow, Stringfellow – who has given money to the Conservative party – is so delighted that Cameron has been returned to No. 10,he wants to spread the wealth a bit. By offering free lap dances.

Scotland strip clubs could face а ban

Lap dancing bars could be outlawed within weeks after the Scottish Government pledged to bring in new laws to allow a crackdown on the clubs by councils.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill confirmed the plan to Holyrood’s justice committee, which was studying proposals that would introduce a strict licensing regime.

It could mean the closure of four lap dancing bars in Glasgow, where the council opposes them, claiming they are linked to the sex trade and prostitution.

Glasgow City Council said in a letter to the MSPs that lap dancing was a form of “violence against women”.

Glasgow SNP MSP Sandra White originally brought forward proposals to crack down on lap dancing bars with an amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill, which is currently making its way through Holyrood, proposing they should be subject to the same strict licensing as sex shops. Such a change would mean councils and licensing boards could set the acceptable local number at zero, meaning a wholesale closure of lap dancing bars.

 Currently, the clubs only need to hold normal public entertainment licences

The Glasgow MSP told the committee that lap dancing clubs “objectify women”.

But arts groups, including Scottish Ballet, the Festival Fringe Society and the Federation of Scottish Theatre, claim Miss White’s amendment would cover all performances that include nudity, thereby unintentionally banning the artistic productions.

But yesterday, she agreed to withdraw her changes in return for assurances from the Scottish Government that it would introduce the same measures, but drafted in such a way so as not to affect theatres.

A watch out for people going on stag dos in Central Europe; the strip industry isn’t as above board as it is back home: Find Strip club jobs here

Polish court orders bank to repay drugged man after he spends £23,400 in lap dance bar

A Norwegian bank has been forced to cover a man’s £23,400 lap dancing bill.  

The Polish court ruled that as the man had been drugged he could not be held responsible for his actions and ordered Sparebank 1 to cover his evening’s spending in the Polish lap dance bar.

The Norwegian man, who is not being named, reportedly only realised the extent of his spending when he woke up the following morning and checked his bank balance.

Realizing that his drink had been spiked, he lodged an official complaint with the local police force.

As there’s not much news to report this edition, here is a little bit of entertainment news that we didn’t have room for previously:



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