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Felicity Logan1Coverdancer Felicity Logan

This month’s coverdancer has packed a lot into her 6 years of dancing and established a big reputation for her shows and especially her Pole Dancing skills both in the UK and in several overseas countries. Strip magazine caught up with her to ask about he background and ambitions.


Tyke How and where did you first start dancing ?


Felicity Logan5FL I started my dancing career in Newcastle .My friends mum owned a pole dancing school and I was just 18 and was passionately curious about this lifestyle and art form.


Tyke How was it on your first night ?


FL I was very shy and reserved and was fascinated by the other girls . I studied each one of them and was amazed at how natural and easy it was for them to talk to the customers and perform in front of lots of people. For me it felt new and strange


Felicity Logan4Tyke  You are famous for pole work, how did that come about.


FL  I saw a movie called “dancing in the Blue Iguana”. As soon as I saw the girls pole dancing I immediately knew that I wanted to do that. It became my main focus after that I was thinking about it all the time.


Tyke You have had some success in pole dancing competitions.


Felicity Logan6FL I came runner up in Miss Pole Dance UK 2012 and also won best tricks. There is defiantly more to come in the future!


Tyke Although you have not been dancing for very long you seem to have travelled pretty extensively , where have you worked and any favourite places.


FL I have worked in Newcastle, London, Paris, Spain, Miami, Hollywood, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia, Aruba, Barbados. My favourite was Miami as it was fun and crazy and exciting!


Felicity Logan3Tyke  How does Australia compare for work with the UK ?


FL  Australia is a very easy place to make money. Its great place to work in my opinion and if you prefer to be a showgirl rather than an ordinary club dancer there is lots of opportunities as



Tyke I understand you recently worked at the Box in Soho. It is just about the trendiest night spot in London, what’s that like to work at.


FL  It was a great experience to do a show there. I did a slow snake like routine with leopard print light projectors on my body. Its an interesting nightclub with a lot of artistic shows.


Tyke Where can we see you or book you?


FL When I’m in London I am in the White Horse Shoreditch High Street otherwise I could be anywhere else in the world! I also have a brand new website  www.felicitylogan.co.uk .Add me on Facebook or email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Tyke What are your ambitions ?


FL To keep improving my dancing skills, to achieve more titles, become a contortionist, open my own pole dance school, to become rich and famous, meet my soulmate and be blissfully happy!( I’m very ambitious I am a Capricorn !).


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