Exotic Dancer Hailey Heart

Exotic Dancer Hailey HeartDescribe yourself as a person Hailey Heart I am full of heart, Funny, Happy, Strong, I love to work out and do new things like travel, I love to ride my Harley Davidson and flirt . I am creative and most of all Independent and strong in mind and work

Tell me about your dancing background, and how you ended up as a Exotic Dancer ?

I come from a long line of dancers as my Grandmother was a Belly dancer and my mother was a House Entertainer. I knew at the age of 8 when i stepped on to a stage at a club during a family event day Superbowl Sunday when all that was going on was the game us girls got together and put on a lil skit after the game. I knew the second I touched the poll and the stage at age 18 that is where I would be,

It didn’t happen exactly at 18 but it did at 19 as my boyfriend disapproved so I left him,

I have danced since I can walk, All forms especially Ballroom Latin, and Salsa and then Got into being a “House Dancer” From there I met many other “Feature Performers’ And several of them suggested I become one. I had all the Talent and beauty to do it, So I contacted a agent  that a Feature had refereed me to.


How was the first time for you on stage? First time was very scary I had gone in and watched for about a month on several occasions and finally one day I got the courage and jumped on stage, It was a rush. It felt forbidden yet at the same time I loved it, and craved more!


What is the best part of being a Exotic Dancer ? And for how long will you continue Hailey Heart?Many would say money of course and at times it is very good, But I love the feeling I get while performing its not like an adrenalin rush that happens moments before and as their running thru my credits to the audience but once on stage I get this feeling of all stress and any other thoughts are gone and its just me and the stage, I envision myself walking on water and just trying to be as graceful and smooth as i possibly can and knowing that the audience is enjoying my art and talent feeds the need for more and the desire to be better, I feel like I have started my peak about 2 years ago and have been climbing every since I dont know if i will ever feel that I have peaked as i always feel I can do more, SO I will go on till I feel my feet cant carry me any longer or the crowd no longer desires me.


How do you look at the industry and the directions it’s going to?

Exotic Dancer Hailey HeartWhen I started I watched the movie “Flashdance” I loved the idea of it how each girl had her own act and special talent and so thats what drove me with this industry. I love that about my talent. I feel that it is becoming a dying Show alot of performers now don’t put the energy talent and time to put on a “SHOW” I Love being able to dance do aerial or be creative. I don’t like how now it seems women just get up there and shake their ass and thats it. STRIPTEASE= the art of stripping will teasing I feel that it is now very political you have your people that u must suck up to and if u don’t they shall banish you, but as who I am I don’t follow that and don’t believe in that,


What are your plans for the future?

I am going more in the direction of Video’s of all forms, I will forever dance and entertain as it runs in my blood and keeps me alive and healthy and relieves all stress. So tv shows, performing Aerial and more, as well as now Vocal so maybe a few Single’s .I am also currently working on a book about my life and the industry.


What do you have to say to a girl, who wants to get into this industry and become a Exotic Dancer ?I get asked this often and it takes a lot to do what I do, some would think as i once did it is very easy, when in fact its not. You are on the road a lot and very rarely have time for anything, your life is consumed with keeping your body in good shape and healthy. As u travel a lot there was a solid year where I was gone every weekend I would have to pack 2 weeks in advance cause as soon as I returned home I would sleep for a day and grab my other suitcase and off again, for the next week,

I usually tell them what its like to be a feature and how hard you have to work and how often you work and its not always a lot of money and you do have to put a lot of money in all the time in costumes promotional stuff props and lighting as well as free money as i call it where u don’t get paid to set aside to do contests like Penthouse G Strings National Dancer Championship and so on, you must have credits, win contests, magazines tv and so on, to become a feature performer.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received from a customer?The best compliment I have received is how beautiful I am and how classy and sexy my performances are. That was the most amazing show ive ever seen and ive seen 100’s

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To contact Hailey Heart

www.CenterfoldStrips.com Telephone: 1-877-427-8747.

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