London stripper Ellouise Moore

The beautiful Ellouise has been one of the top strippers in London since before the millennium and has worked at several of London’s top venues including both strip clubs and strip pubs. She retired in 2007 and has just published an excellent account of this period in her life called “Girl in High Heels-Intimate confessions of a London stripper“.

This is basically her life story and outlines the trials and tribulations involving managers, other dancers, and customers that she experienced. It’s the first book I have seen that gives a dancers view of the current London scene and it’s very well written.

There is a web site , the book is available on line and also at all good British book stores like WH Smith and Waterstones. I spoke to Ellouise about her views on the London strip scene, the book, and why she the book.

Tyke. You started out by working at Stringfellow’s which is probably the most famous venue in the UK, knowing what you know now do you think that was a good idea?

Ellouise. You have got to remember that this was 10 years ago and there were a lot less clubs then. I had not been in the industry before and didn’t know any strippers personally so it was almost the only place I’d actually heard of.

Spearmint didn’t open for another 3 or 4 years, there were no Secrets clubs and I knew nothing about the strip pub scene. In some ways it was a good place to start with all the glamour, celebs, and champagne making it seem like fun at first. The money could be very good and it’s basically a well run place.

Tyke. Why did you leave?

Ellouise. After the initial glamour has worn off the need to constantly hustle, with 70 odd other girls all trying the same, very late hours, high house fees, and boring customers always trying to impress you with their wealth, gets very stressful.



Tyke. You tried Soho first then the East End strip pubs.

Ellouise. I had one night in a dreadful place in Soho then moved onto a pub I have called Diamonds in the book which I’d been recommended by one of the girls at Stringfellows who I’d got friendly with.

Tyke. How did you find the move into pubs?
Ellouise. In nearly every way they are better. They have a lot less girls on for a start which tends to make for a friendly atmosphere with less competition and bitching. The hours are shorter, the house fee less, and the money good and more consistent.

In pubs you do a jug collection before each stage show which more than covers your house fee so the need to hustle for dances is much less urgent. You always make money which sometimes you don’t in clubs. You also tend to get more normal customers there that aren’t bragging about their Villa or yacht all night plus a lot are regulars who you get to know well over time.

Tyke. Would you recommend a girl new to London start at the pubs now?

Ellouise. The trouble is that though some pubs are great there are some very grotty ones and if you don’t know the scene you could have some horrible experiences

. You also have proper stage shows at the pubs sometimes in front of 100 people or more which can be a bit daunting at first. Clubs vary less so are a safer bet to start with if you don’t know anything.

Tyke. You finished at the White Horse.

Ellouise. Yes, I fell out with Diamonds for reasons outlined in the book and moved to another nearby pub rather than back into clubs. The White Horse is actually easily my favourite place to work of all the ones I’ve worked at. It’s jug collection stage shows only, 5 girls per shift, and they tend to have a lot of experienced girls working which makes the atmosphere between the girls very good.

Sue the boss is great and treats you well, the other staff are all nice, and the customers include lots of regulars who treat you like a star. I’ve made more money at other places but I liked it there so much I still drop in for a drink quite regularly.


Tyke. Had you always intended to write a book ?
Ellouise. I had wanted to do a degree in English Literature and while doing the job I always felt that there was a great book about my experiences and the scene in general. Once I’d retired and had time it was an easy thing to write and in fact the biggest problem was editing it down to a reasonable length.

Tyke. How is it selling ?

Ellouise. Very well, we are in the national top 20 paperbacks at the moment.

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