The Lap Dance Association via 4 dancers presented a petition of 3,000 signatures to the Prime Minister

The Lap Dance Association via 4 dancers presented a petition of 3,000 signatures to the Prime Minister against the reclassification of clubs as “sex encounter premises” as suggested by the various fem nazi groups. The attack on the industry though continues with Harridan Harperson the famously incompetent Minister for Wimmin saying that companies should not use lap dance clubs for client entertainment {perhaps take them to an entertaining sexual equality seminar instead ?}, that there should be more lesbian MPs, and that prostitution should not be illegal but hiring a prostitute should be.The Roberta Blackman-Woods private members bill to introduce sex encounter licenses for all UK clubs has been quietly dropped while they await the action of deadbeat Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

The general economic downturn seems to already be having an effect on UK clubs, following on from the collapse of Wildcats and the closure of several Blackpool clubs mentioned in last month’s gossip I notice that several relatively new clubs particularly in smaller town such as Chesterfield and Stoke on Trent are now up for sale. “Rembrandt’s” in London which only opened in February is also shut and now up for sale apparently after a fall out amongst the owners. Also the new “Private Eyes” in Dunfermline has reported a reduction in business and “Privilege” in Scarborough is being converted back into a normal pub.

Despite the general gloom and doom November saw another new club in Central London “Blush” at the White Horse, Shoreditch open on the 25th . The proposed “Kensington Suite “ out to the west had it’s application turned down after a stormy council meeting on Nov 6th involving the usual hysterical nonsense from the anti’s, I understand it opened as a conventional club on the 22nd and is considering an appeal. It seems the Conservatives were also trying to court cheap popularity with local nimbys in this instance. The landlord of the White Hart, New Cross is appealing the refusal of Lewisham council to grant him a license for striptease, it’s to be heard in January. The “Stir Bar” in Epsom has also applied to start striptease and I understand that the “Lunar Attic” in Stratford, East London has restarted having dancers after a gap of a couple of years. A new Angels Exotic strip pub called the Golden Farmer has opened in Bracknell, it’s Wednesday to Friday 4pm to 7pm initially.
Amongst the furore about the Russell Brand phone call to Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs it has emerged that his granddaughter Georgina Baillie  works in a burlesque troupe under the name of Volupta

Aston Villa striker John Carew was reportedly fined £100k after being spotted at the Rocket club in Birmingham in the early hours of the day of a UEFA cup tie.

Leeds University students union has turned down an application to form a pole dancing club despite a straw poll showing overwhelming support for the idea amongst the students.

The former “Cassiopeia” club in Banbury has changed hands and is now the 2nd club in the “St James Leisure” chain joining the long established Aylesbury club. A former wine bar in Mere Green, Sutton Coalfield is converting into a new lap dancing club called “Pussy cats”. Leo Vallis whose club in Burgess Hill was burnt down after an arson attack a couple of months ago has opened a new club called “Indigo Redd” in Eastbourne. The new club in Leicester mentioned in previous columns is called “Panache” and opened in November. A new club called “Lounge@30” is opening in Bristol and another new club has applied to open in Hartlepool.
The long established “Elegance” of Portsmouth has started having regular mud wrestling nights {right}. Northampton club “Urban Tiger” was shut for a couple of days late in October after a fire but has now re-opened. It seems that “Mirage” in Newquay will not now be re-opening as a lap dance club within the Tall Trees complex this year anyway.
Strip magazine coverdancer and ex stripper of the year Chiqui and a number of the other White Horse Shoreditch girls are taking part in a fashion show at the posh Burlington arcade in Mayfair on December 3rd.

Myrna Bushell the stripogram girl from Bideford who was also a Lib Dem councillor has resigned as she said she was not being taken seriously by the others!

Paul Raymond left £75m to his 2 Granddaughters in his will, it’s thought he was worth considerably more than this but the rest was held in various trusts. The “Chatterbox” topless bar near Farringdon now has a web

Skegness club Flirtz is having an amateur pole dancing competition starting in December. Exeter club “Tiffany’s” is moving from the Quayside area to the City centre early next year and so will be closed for most of January. Chester club “Platinum” is offering local businesses the opportunity to sponsor girls at the club by having their logo stencilled oin the girls bottoms !
Top US big bust stripper and model Chelsea Charms is set to appear at the Private Eyes clubs in Aberdeen and Dundee early in the New Year see


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