How strippers still can Make money While the economy Is down!

How You can still Make money While the economy Is down…The worlds highest earning Stripper teaches you how!I have brought back Jessica who is One of the worlds top Earning stripper Jessica is teaching girls even in this economy to make great money

She has taught over 200 Girls all over the World and is here to share her secret…..She has created a manual at her

Are you serious Jessica? Are girls still earning good money?
Jessica : Yes they are, but they have to use more of their brain now, so the techniques I am teaching are more important now then before. I have girls everyday telling me that because of my techniques they have started earning another extra 500-600 a night.

How many girls have you taught so far? I have now Taught over 200 girls all around the world because my techniques work in every club and with every girl because it works on how your customers think and they are the same everywhere in the world

After Teaching A couple of Hundred Girls, How Has that been Jessica?
I have to tell you, that although we are all in different countries, the girls all seem to have the same problems, and I keep hearing the same things over and over. How do I get the customer into the VIP? How do I get multiple dances from the same customer? How do I get large tips from the customer…or from newer girls, where do I start? What do I wear?


And can you help them with it?
Yes I get them to read the book and then I teach them by personal email. I find out in detail how the girls work, what type of club they are in and what they are doing in the club. Then I guide them step by step so that we can look at their results…It really is great when a girls starts earning more and has just learnt how they can keep doing that again and again

Why do you teach these girls Jessica?
I have learnt these techniques, and found no one else teaching them in a simple way that everyone can use so I thought I will teach them since I know how to earn a lot of money.

You have been stripping for how long?
I have been a stripper for more than 3 years full time and even if that is not as long as some other girls. I have spent time learning how to become better and even went to classes to learn how men think!

Where can they sign up for this course?
Well since I give the girls a one to one tuition by email I cannot take that many girls so it really is first come first serve.

Well that is really good…any last words you would like to say to our girls?
Yes that I will help in any way I can to get you to earn great money, even in these down times.
Thank you Jessica, hope to see you soon She has created a manual at her website

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