London’s best pure strip pub the White Horse


London’s best pure strip pub the White Horse, Shoreditch High Street now has a web site:thewhitehorsepubwhich has a schedule of dancers which include the likes of Miss Shoreditch 2005 Kat. The pub is now open 12am to 12pm 5 days a week with 3 shifts of dancers plus a Sunday lunch session but closed all day Saturday


Another long established London venue with a brand new web site is the venerable Sunset Strip of Soho which with the demise of the Revuebar must now be the longest established continuously open London club. It’s new web site is

A very busy month for Peter Stringfellow who held a successful fund raising event for the Conservative party at his flagship West End club early in April and none other than former PM Lady Thatcher attended. He was attacked for this by half witted Europe Minister Dennis MacShane who claimed the club was sleazy even though he admitted he had never actually been in. Peter also announced a deal with Virgin Mobile where photos of his Angels can be downloaded direct onto their phones. In addition to this there are still strong rumours emanating from Dublin that Peter is close to announcing the opening of his 3rd club over there.

I understand Spearmint Rhino are close to announcing a similar phone download deal with Vodaphone Following on from the Loaded competition the August edition of lad’s mag Maxim is to feature a DVD using girls from the Laptastic agency.

The FYEO Southampton club opened on the 19th of April, the Glasgow FYEO is still awaiting the decision after the court case between Glasgow council and it’s licensing board which took place late in March. I understand the problems with the landlord of the Croydon club have been resolved and they hope to finally open that club in the summer bringing the chain up to 9 clubs nationally.

Dropped by at Nottingham’s Bar Lane Club in Basford where work is progressing to turn this into a unique private members club. The club is based in an industrial park and is next to a well established adult photographic studio. The club itself will be open Tuesday and Thursday nights plus from lunchtime onwards on Friday plus it will also be available for private hire for stag/fetish nights etc. The intention is to provide good stage shows, pub priced beer, and secure car parking and it’s currently hoped to be fully open by the end of May.

Former Brown’s girl Vicki Holloway who gave up live strip shows a couple of months back is in a DVD just released called “Invasion of the Space girls”. Doesn’t exactly sound like Oscar material to me but still any excuse to use her photo again!

The fatal shooting at Stockport club High Society reported in the March 2004 column which at the time was regarded as a gangland hit has turned out to be a young idiot gang member called Fabian Flowers { 19} shooting himself by accident with an illegal and very dangerous key fob gun.

Stockport’s High Society Graig Park Dyserth , a new up market club ?In North Wales the club Lips’n’lashes of Rhyl which opened in October apparently closed due to lack of custom early in the New Year { odd not to at least hang on until the holiday season given the location}. However strip fans in North Wales will have an interesting new venue in June when the country club/time share complex at Graig Park, Dyserth opens it’s own club. It’s part of a £3m redevelopment aimed at moving the park up market by providing sophisticated nightlife on site. I am not sure if it is to be private members only at this stage.
The newly refurbished Harrogate Wildcat {formerly Spearmint Rhino} opened on the 21st of April. The company that own Red and Blue Leopard in Leeds are trying to open a “Coyote Ugly” style bar in York a city that has steadfastly turned down every approach about a lap dancing club so far.

Sponsorship seems to be the trend of this month. Birmingham Club Legs 11 are sponsoring the British Superbike team featuring Andy Tinsley and Luke Quigley for the 5th year. Stafford’s Most Wanted club is sponsoring Sam Clarke in the British Premier bike racing category. To top this in the US scantily clad waitress restaurant chain Hooters are sponsoring golfer John Daly


I don’t know if it’s the just effect of the new licensing laws but a number of new club openings seem to be being held up at the moment. The 2nd attempt by the same people to open a club in Mansfield has been turned down by the council as being in “the wrong location” yet again.

The opening of Rugby’s first club “Midas” has been delayed due to the changes in the planning system, not sure yet if they are going to persevere. “Lust” Preston’s mooted 3rd club mentioned in March’s gossip is also off though not for licence problems. The Giles Tavern Ipswich’s only strip venue for the past few months has closed after problems with the authorities and neighbours. Harlow’s only club Polekatz has been closed after a dispute between the owner and the council regarding the arrangement that was made when it first opened. The Rocket club in Birmingham has abandoned the introduction of male dancers mentioned in last month’s column after problems with rowdy women.

On a more positive note attempts by Edinburgh council to stop stripping in pubs { a booming activity in the city} have been turned down by the Scottish Executive. Everything is waiting on the Nicholson report changes to the licensing laws in Scotland which are still several months off and are thought not to contain anything specific about striptease.



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