Spearmint’s Tottenham Court Rd alcohol license was renewed

Spearmint’s Tottenham Court Rd alcohol license was renewed after yet another a long and wasteful court proceedings. The Metropolitan Police Clubs and Vice squad basically had to admit in the end that it had done no undercover assignments for over 12 months and so had no up to date sensible grounds on which to object. This still leaves Camden council and the public entertainment license but given this result an appeal against a non license renewal would be almost certainly successful so would just be a waste of public time and money {not that that’s ever stopped councils before!}


The Robert Peel in Kingston upon Thames has been a strip pub for over 20 years and supplied by the Rainbow agency since the early 1990s. It seems though that they have just changed over to the Angels Exotic agency which is an agency that currently seems to be on the up. The venerable Director’s Lodge in Mayfair which has traditionally been a hostess club has now apparently been converted to table dancing.

Top Polish model and regular London dancer Anouska now has her own web site www.anoushka.net .

Anouska a regular dancer at many London private parties.

The London club Badabing has been suffering from erratic opening and closing times for several months and it now appears that the club has closed completely although whether this is permanent or not I don’t know as yet.

The very long awaited 3rd printed addition of Pole Position is now due out during May
{more delays than the Eurofighter !} and apparently features one of Bob Singleton’s Full Service private shows { see www.fullservice.co.uk }. There are stories that from now on the magazine will be available on the newsstands and not just by subscription. It is also reported that Bob is looking to take over a permanent private members location in Central London to expand the scope of his shows and provide a venue for others.

Interesting news from Camden where the ” Forum ” club { owned by the Mean Fiddler group} which is basically a rock venue but also has very popular Sunday afternoon strip and comedy shows aimed at Australians called ” The Church” { see www.church.co.uk } has just applied for a full time license for nudity during the week. This would allow the club the option of becoming a lap dancing venue during weekdays. The club has been deluged by complaints from local residents about noise and trouble on rock nights though I would be surprised if this move mollified their critics ! Mean Fiddler has many venues throughout London and the South East, if this is a success I wonder if it will be the only one.

News of a new society for Cambridge undergraduates called ” The fellowship of the pole ” offering pole dancing lessons to the blue stocking’d brigade. Apparently some undergraduates are putting this new found talent to the test at the local Coco club to help meet their top up fees !


April saw the opening of the very smart Goodfellas club in Sheffield {on time despite my doubts expressed last month !} and the Blue Velvet {FYEO group}club in Dean Street in the trendy quayside area of Newcastle { now has a website see www.bluevelvetclub.com }. The ” Most Wanted ” club, Stafford’s first { mentioned in January’s column as applying for a license}also opened on the 16th of the month.

The GMB union is apparently organising a conference for strippers and lap dancers aiming at labour organisation for later in the year, details from Anna Lopez at [email protected]
Girls from the Milton Keynes club Smile attended the British Formula 3 meeting at Silverstone in April.


News of a new competition called ” Strip Idol ” which is inviting members of the public { male and female} to appear on a TV/web site based national competition, more details to follow.

News has reached me of a 3rd club open in central Manchester based on the Xanadu swingers club /massage parlour. It is at 14, Blackfriars St and now has lap dancing nights on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 8 until late. I understand that this is a members only club which has therefore not got the ridiculous restrictions that the others in that smitten city have. Also a 4th club in Leicester with the interesting name of Howlin Wolf has opened for Tuesday to Saturday evenings together with the first club in Basingstoke called Drakes Bar also in April. Lincoln’s original club Sirens { was going to be called the Venue see www.sirenslincoln.co.uk } on Canwick St is now supplied by the Promises agency and lap dancing nights on a Thursday only so far have also started in Maidstone at a club called The Basement. While in Kent a pub called the Fat Fiddlers near Ashford International railway station has started having striptease on Sunday nights.

The small but smart village of Rottingdene, Sussex found planning applications for a new lap dancing club put up and was starting to organise protest groups before somebody noticed the date was 1st April.

I hear that Temptations, Plymouth’s only lap dancing club {based near Devonport docks see www.temptationstheclub.com } is up for sale for £500,000 freehold and that the current owner is planning to open a 2nd club in the centre of town in the summer.


News of a new Alastair Watts supplied strip pub to the West of London called
the Three Pigeons, Milton Common, near Thame, { near junction 7 on the M40} which will have dancers every Friday from 16th of April from 12.30 – 11.00pm. If these sessions are a success expect more days to be added in.

Four strip clubs in Glasgow are to be the subject of an academic study at a cost of £7,000 to the taxpayer. The study by the Metropolitan University of London is to cover the Truffle Club, Legs and Co, Diamond Dolls and Seventh Heaven. It’s stated intention is to demonstrate a link between the clubs and prostitution with a view to helping prevent the opening of new clubs, nice to see a totally unbiased study then !


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Author: Saxon

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