Bouree Rooms and the Cyclone club in Birmingham got their licenses

Both the “Bouree Rooms” and the “Cyclone” club in Birmingham mentioned last month got their licenses at the beginning of October and brings the number of clubs in the centre of that city up to 12

. I understand that one of the national chains may bring this up to 13 in the near future. This may soon reduce again though as the company that holds the license on the “ Rocket “ club has gone bust though the operator insists that it will carry on as normal and the council is apparently toying with the idea of using the new law to reduce the total number of licenses to an arbitrary 6.

After a long legal battle and much vocal opposition Newquay club “Divas”  has lost it’s license though I understand that they intend to return at another premises next summer.

The “Tall Trees” complex also in Newquay which included a lap dancing bar is up for sale once again. However a survey undertaken by the council on local attitudes showed { surprise, surprise} that most local people were actually quite relaxed about lap dancing clubs and much more concerned about the drinking culture of local bars and the late night problems it creates.

Talking of local consultation Hackney council is currently having a sham exercise while stating in advance that it intends not to renew the license of the 4 strip pubs in the area 2 of whom have been in business over 30 years, the other 2 over 20. Several other councils {including a number with no current clubs} have indicated that they will follow suit.
Strip magazine Coverdancers Joy and Solitaire  have formed their own agency see

Despite {or perhaps because of} the looming crack down there is still a considerable amount of activity amongst the clubs. The “Red Leopard” club on the Headrow, Leeds is using extra space to create a plush new club within a club to be called “Moscow”, also in Leeds the former “Buffalo Lounge” has changed hands and been renamed “ Black Diamond”. An application to open a 2nd club in Leamington Spa called the “Amara” has succeeded in gaining a license and should open pre Christmas. The new operators of “Dukes” in Yeovil have indicated that they are considering strip nights as part of their offer. A brand new club called “Mist” in Hounslow is scheduled to open in November

Another club nearby in Staines called “Niche” is also scheduled to open before Christmas. A new “Club Heaven” is opening as Southport’s only club though the resort has had clubs in the past which have all subsequently shut. The unnamed new club in Reading reported in a previous column is to be called “Diamonds and Pearls” and is part of the Venue complex. Spearmint Rhino are apparently in the process of converting a brand new club in Leicester to open in the new year.

It has been reported that Richard Branson seriously considered buying the “Secrets” chain a few years ago but was put off in the end by the possibility of negative publicity.
The “Venus” club near Smithfield, London has re-opened with a new concept which involves a specialist Burlesque cabaret early in the evening called the “City Burlesque” with conventional table dancing returning from 11pm onwards.

The very long established “Griffin” pub in Clerkenwell road {right}, London has created some local opposition by applying for a late license. The former “Lions Den” in Guildford has been renamed the “Players Lounge”  . The “Sugar and Spice” club in Norwich which opened in the summer.

Matt Haycox  the youthful entrepreneur who rapidly built up a chain of 7 “Wildcats” clubs in the North and Midlands has been banned as a company Director until 2022 for various breaches of company law arising out of the receivership of his companies in 2008.
“Bentley’s” club in Doncaster {ex Purple Door} suffered a fire in the middle of October. “Sunset” in Southend {ex Bentleys and Muse} is now sponsoring the local football team.
A dancer called Nadine Quashie  took Stringfellow’s to an employment tribunal claiming unfair dismissal dating back to December 2008 even though she was officially self employed and thus was not employed in the first place.
Talking of legal actions Spearmint Rhino is taking ex European head Simon Warr to court over a non competition clause relating to the recent opening of the Coventry Street “Platinum Lace” club.

The “Thurst Lounge” in Oxford has got extended hours and the Church nearby has not objected this time but said “it would turn the other cheek” which I take as religious speak meaning not take the risk of losing and getting lumped with legal fees a 2nd time !
Hugh Hefner is apparently to launch a new “Playboy club” in Mayfair next year, the exact format is not clear as yet, the original club in Park Lane closed in 1981.


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