The scheduled re-opening of London’s Platinum Bar has been cancelled

The scheduled re-opening of London’s Platinum Bar based in Paul St near the City of London as Havana which should have taken place in January has been cancelled. Karen still retains an interest in operating in London so keep an eye on for news. The Platinum Bar is instead to be renamed Diamonds ‘n Pearls and looks to be going upmarket in 2005.


It seems that Browns which has always been a place which had a low turnover of dancers compared to most clubs is apparently suffering a major exodus of many of their most popular and longest serving girls. As I understand it girls like Miss Shoreditch 2004 Shannon, Elouise, Sunni, and Natasha are all going in the New Year with others like Alex to follow shortly after.


News of a new agency called Tuesday Girls run by London’s stripping mega star and former strip-magazine coverdancer Tania Amazon offering London’s top girls { including Laura Hawkins this month’s cover dancer }for stag shows, parties, and special promotional events like the Beaujolais day in a City wine bar this year below .Details via the web site

News of an application to open a 6th club in Glasgow “ European capital of Bigotry “ , it’s called the Oyster Club in Carlton place and expect the council once again to spare no ratepayers money in order to oppose it ! Talking of Scotland a group of so called ” experts” working for that monumental waste of money the Scottish Parliament have come up with a series of pointless recommendations for Scotland’s clubs including CCTV throughout and no touching except for a handshake at the end. Devolution seems to mean a move back to the dark ages as far as I can see !

A first club in Maidstone, Kent has opened called the B-Lo on Thursday’s only at the moment. Also new to me is a first club in Weymouth, Dorset called Goldfingers. A licence has eventually been granted to the old Route 9 snooker club in Central Promenade, Blackpool to start lap dancing, they hope to be open by Easter. The Blue X club in Leicester has come out of receivership and will re-open under new management in January though as of the 14th it has been closed since Christmas.


Wakefield’s Wildcat club has dropped the idea of opening in Leeds for the moment, it will close the recently acquired Spearmint Harrogate club in February for a full refurb with the intention to re-open as Wildcat in March.

Talking of refurbs Docklands Majingo club is just completing one which will double the size of the club which expects to be re-opening soon. Bar Indigo in Hatfield which seems to have had as many agencies as Southampton has had football managers in 2004 has another new one for 2005 see .

Pole dance/stripping competitions are currently coming in more quickly Nanny’s visa application backed by the Home Secretary! A new Pole dancing competition run by Bethanie Dee Chalker called “ Miss pole Queen “ is going to have it’s final at the Hammersmith Palais on February 6th . There is TV and radio coverage lined up, see . Also moving to a conclusion is the Strip Idol competition see hosted by the lovely model and dancer Vicki Holloway which is to complete for the first time in March.

Yet another competition is being organised by the lads mag Loaded featuring a vote for the top 100 showgirls in the UK either by e mail, text, or on their web site . The top scoring 10 will appear at a live final in London in January.

The granddaddy of all these competitions in “ Miss Shoreditch “ covering the famous East End strip pubs and in it’s 6th year. This runs through January but current front runners include Dutch Danielle, Kat, Elouise, Shannon, Alex, and Chiqui .

STOP PRESS …… Miss Shoreditch 2005 is Kat who works at the White Horse, more details next month.

News of a nationally co-ordinated { covering London, Derby, Cardiff, Bristol, Sheffield, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Manchester, and Nottingham }set of dance classes being organised via the Mypole web site for details.

Talking of Mypole the girls posting there are included in a charity calendar for 2005 and also the agency Rainbow has a 2005 calendar featuring it’s dancers.

New web site featuring several lap dancers including Lady JD and one called featuring top Burlesque style stripper Keda Breeze. The new Avairy club in Leicester also now has a

The problems with the nude Santa poster in Birmingham last month has had several Labour councillors taking about a crackdown on the cities clubs and the practise of having Limo’s pick up customers from the street has been mentioned with particular disapproval. A sign of a possible tightening of the regime is that the 2nd attempt to open a club in the Merchant Stores building in Broad St, Birmingham seems to have failed again. The new Angels club in West Bromwich now has a web site .

A new feature film called “Celtic Tigress” is to be made about the opening of a lap dancing club in an Irish village. Dubious celebrity Abi Titmus { to quote J. Ross ” been tied to more bedposts than David Blunket’s dog “} has a new exersise video out featuring strip tease.

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Bit of European gossip, I understand that Spearmint Rhino has sold it’s stake in the Prague club/casino which was opened quite recently.


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