Government Job Centres still take recruitment adverts for lap dancers

strip club guideAlthough government Job Centres still take recruitment adverts for lap dancers it seems that Gumtree is more fussy deleting even an advert for a cleaner for Private Eyes in Aberdeen! Read more about recruiting Lap Dancers here:

I understand that “Rude” in Liverpool has shut and that “Tiffany’s” Aldershot’s  only club is likely to be converted into flats.

It seems that the new “sex encounter” license is to be railroaded in by the government as part of yet another Crime and Disorder bill and could come into effect as early as the Autumn. The private intention of the Labour MPs involved {Smith, Harman, Blackman-Woods, Barlow or the “Witches of Victoria Street” as they are known} is to either close down as many clubs as possible or to make them too expensive to run despite the complete absence of any evidence of actual problems and well under 30% of councils wanting more powers. The bill got it’s 2nd reading in January.The credit crunch is affecting all sorts of businesses though it’s not clear yet how badly it will affect the strip industry, the next couple of months are traditionally quiet across the full licensed trade and should be very interesting. A couple of club owners have already told me that while numbers visiting their clubs are not down the amount they are spending is.

I have heard however that Purple Door group never actually opened it’s Newcastle club which got a license last year and have also not opened the proposed Leeds super club near the railway station so far. On the other hand their Hull club has been expanded with a new separate strip bar called “Rude” being added which operates more on a Browns type £ in the jug type format and has pool tables etc.  “Wisperz” Torquay’s only club also closed down in January, Devon also recently lost “Tiffany’s” of nearby Exeter although that is expected to re-open soon at a new location in the town centre. I also understand the “Tall Trees” nightclub in Newquay which had the “Mirage” lap dancing club within it is once again up for sale, also up for sale is “Tabu” of Burnley.
On the other hand I understand “Wildcats” in Blackpool re-opened over Christmas under a temporary licence {nothing to do with it’s previous owners} but faces Police opposition to a permanent reopening. Leeds based “Wildcats” itself has emerged from administration and now again operates clubs in Leeds, Harrogate, Barnsley, Huddersfield, and Wakefield. Also I hear that “Direktors” in Manchester which only opened for a few months last year and closed in the Autumn has been acquired by another operator and will be renamed and reopened in February or March.

Hartlepool’s first club Little Black Book see } opened just before Christmas and now operates from Thursday to Saturday. A first club called “Diamonds and Pearls” in upmarket Henley on Thames now has permission to open. The “White Hart” in New Cross won it’s appeal against the council and should start striptease in the next couple of months and the “Stir bar” in Epsom  has now been passed by the council for strip shows 3 nights a week. Oxford which has had no venues since the Baby Bar stopped 2 years ago is to get a new one in a bar called the “ Thirst Lounge”.

Essence the Walsall wine bar now has a web site for it’s Thursday night strip sessions  , as has Lounge@30 Bristol’s newest club . Unspotted by me last year I understand that the former “Club Crème” in Bristol has been taken over by the people that own Temptations in Plymouth and renamed “Temptations T3”.

Northern Ireland still remains an almost strip free zone and in January the Secrets club of Kilkenny was forced to shut after planning permission problems and an attempt to open a club in Newry was also abandoned.
Although government Job Centres still take recruitment adverts for lap dancers it seems that Gumtree is more fussy deleting even an advert for a cleaner for Private Eyes in Aberdeen! Read more about recruiting Lap Dancers here:

Charges against “Sgt Eros” {right} the Aberdeen male stripogram that the Police up there seem to have a vendetta against have been dropped yet again. It’s estimated that this ridiculous effort by Grampian Police which has involved 7 arrests and 22 court appearances but no prosecutions has cost taxpayers £170k in legal fees so far! 3 girls from Chester’s “Platinum” club entered Britain’s Got Talent as a synchronized pole dancing group but were turned down by the panel.


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