Platinum Lace was used to launch album of rapper Snoop Dogg.

The Platinum Lace’s Leicester Square club it was used to launch the new album of rapper Snoop Dogg in May


The pathetic “public consultations” in connection with the idiot new laws continue, with both Reading clubs gaining the new licenses despite a massive 5 objections {plus 2 in favour} in total, 3 of them from councillors. I understand Tower Hamlets has decided that there are no suitable locations at all for sexual entertainment venues within the borough and so is starting up a sham “public consultation” to rubber stamp a “nil” policy. No doubt as in Hackney the consultation will only count if the vote goes in the way the council wants ! Another consultation is in Cawhich has several clubs  see for the on line part. Lets hope the clubs involved put the sort of effort into opposing this the Hackney strip pubs did.

Unconnected with the new laws which only apply in England and Wales the “Platinum Lace” club in Glasgow is involved in legal action with Glasgow council over the license for it’s club there. Platinum as a chain are also still embroiled in legal action with Spearmint Rhino over the opening last year of their Leicester Square club, the recent and proposed new club openings by Spearmint {Leicester, Brighton, Glasgow} are all in direct competition with existing Platinum clubs suggesting relations are not very friendly between the 2 chains at the moment.

The former “Officers Deck” in Newcastle has been renamed “ Pussy Galores”  see. Long established Bristol club  Central Chambers which closed after flooding over the Christmas period is set to finally re-open in August.

Dancer KT Coates has started a petition {rather belatedly I’d say} to get Pole Dancing included in the London Olympics see .

Supper Club


Supper ClubThe uber trendy “Supper Club” in Notting Hill , London  see  has started putting on strip shows presented by the world famous “Crazy Horse” in Paris.

“Whites” club near Holborn has been closed down and the manager arrested after a Police  operation apparently found that the club was offering full sex as part of it’s limo operation. Whether it will be allowed reopen again looks doubtful with Tower Hamlets trying to close down any strip venues in the borough.


Girly Show Lounge“Secrets” Euston club is to hold regular women only {as customers as well as on stage!} Burlesque nights starting on June 5th. In fact there seems to be a trend in London for clubs to operate more quality burlesque type stage shows, the former Venus started this and now the venerable “Windmill” is presenting the “ Girly Show Lounge” {left} from late June. The London version of the “Box” club {located in the old Reviewbar in Soho} mentioned in previous gossip columns before has in only a few months  become possibly the trendiest place in the city in 2011 with people like Prince Harry and Zara Phillips amongst the audience.

The new Playboy club in Mayfair opened it’s doors for the first time at the end of May.

The former “Too hot to handle” club in Blackpool is up for sale though given the attitude of the local council it must seem doubtful that it’s long term future involves lap dancing.

Apparently artist Damien Hurst has been autographing dancers underwear on recent visits to Stringfellow’s !


Lap dancing club favored by top-celebs is being investigated over dancers ‘flouting no touching laws by letting punters grope them


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