Miss Pole Dance UK 2011

The annual “Miss Pole Dance UK 2011” competition was held Brighton in June and won by Jess Norris of Bolton who is an instructor in a fitness studio.


Paul RaymondThere is to be a feature film on the life of Paul Raymond {right, owner of the Revuebar and half the freeholds in Soho} who died in 2008 staring Steve Coogan. It’s based on the book published last year by Paul Willet and to be called “Paul Raymond’s Wonderful World of Erotica” covering his career in shows, magazines, and finally as a property multi millionaire.

Another new film is a comedy horror epic called “Strippers v Werewolves “ set in a fictional London strip club and staring Martin Kemp.

The Equity Union has voted to provide more support to dancers in licensed clubs which are under attack from the idiot Harperson legislation. They have accurately described Hackney council’s efforts as “shameful” though it now looks like Cambridge are following suit with an idiotic “nil” policy.

Diamonds and Pearls


The trouble prone “Diamonds and Pearls” club in Henley {and the “Latinos” club in the same building} have appealed the loss of their license and so can re-open until the hearing occurs. I understand also that Whites club will reopen in the summer after the recent raid though personally I suspect the days of both clubs as lap dancing venues are numbered.  The Dunfermline branch of “Private Eyes” is to be converted into an 80s themed bar. The “Shades” club in Leamington has been refused a new license and I understand that the owner of “Cloud 9” in Lincoln has decided to retire and the club will close.

I don’t know if it’s the legislation or the economic climate but several club have come on the market in May and June .The “ST Lounge” in Wilmslow is up for sale as is “Angels” in Bracknell and “Minx” in Gloucester, also the “Priory” club in Ealing which apparently has a license though it’s never operated as a strip venue is on the market.

Thurst Lodge


The “Thurst Lodge” in Oxford has applied to move to the former “Coven” nightclub near the Ice Rink to avoid the need for legal action, though I doubt this will make any difference at all to the antis who tend to switch the basis of their objections to suit circumstances. A new club called “Saints and Sinners” has applied to open in Bedford. A new strip pub the “Royal” has opened in High Street, Southend , it’s Wednesday nights only to start with. An application for an as yet unamed new lap dancing club in Scarborough which has not had a venue since “Privilege” closed in2009 is expected.

WoolpackThe long established strip pub the Wagon and Horses in Flamstead near Luton is undergoing a refurbishment though there are worrying signs that it might be converting into more of a standard lap dance club type format. Talking of strip pubs the venerable  Woolpack {right, operating since 1990} at Hayes now has a web site

The film “Hands Off” about the Hackney nil policy debacle was shown at the London sex workers film festival in June.

Mistress EuzebiaMistress Euzebia  {left} of Poland won the stripper of the year Erotic Award at the Night of the Senses ball in London during May. The “Blue Bar” at Kingston {a former strip magazine “club of the month”} was also nominated but did not win.

The limitations of Harperson’s idiot law was shown once again when a new swingers club called “Number 3” opened in Chorley to general local consternation without needing anything more than a liquor license.

Long running TV soap Coronation St is featuring a storyline where several of the regulars get involved in setting up an agency supplying strippers


Miss Pole Dance UK competition this year is being held in Brighton

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Author: Saxon

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