Spearmint Rhino flagship Tottenham Court road club has applied for a 24 hour 7 day a week license

Spearmint Rhino flagship has applied for a 24 hour license


Spearmint Rhino’s flagship Tottenham Court road club has applied for a 24 hour 7 day a week license. Taking of Spearmint the UK operation reported a loss of £2.1m in 2011 after a series of goodwill write offs presumably connected to the clubs they have sold recently. I understand though that Spearmint remain committed to the UK and are currently looking at further expansion. Spearmint Rhino enrolls for license renewal after the end of its six-month probationary period

WoolpackSad news that Stan Edwards the long time landlord of the “Woolpack” in Hayes near Heathrow  {left} has died. The “Woolpack” is possibly the most famous London strip pub outside Shoreditch and has been having daily strip shows for 25 years and also operated a separate lap dancing club called “ Inhibitions” in the car park for over 10 years. I understand his widow had run it during Stan’s illness and intends to continue to run the business as before.

Talking of long established strip pubs the White Horse, Shoreditch is having a major refurb and closed for a few days in October. The new look includes downstairs private dancing and the closure of the separate upstairs “ Blush” set up.

The Lodge in Oxford has had it’s SEV License refused by the council for the usual completely nonsensical reasons . Owner Al Thompson has stated that he has appointed a QC and will be appealing hence it reopened after a few days closed , expect a legal victory and an expensive bill to council taxpayers on this one.

Save Our JobsPortsmouth has just completed it’s consultation on lap dancing clubs and out of 3,425 responses just 116 (3.3%) wanted a nil policy. Unsurprisingly the council has granted licenses to existing clubs though it has said it will not grant any more. It’s pretty clear that when a public consultation takes place where more than a handful take part it usually goes heavily against a ban, Tower Hamlets apparently got thousands of replies to it’s consultation but has still not reported the results 12 months later, wonder why ?

A new club called “Privilege” has gained an SEV in Sunderland, apparently it’s mainly for match days though the license has no date restrictions. Krystals in Wakefield has been granted an SEV as the only venue in that town. Another attempt is being made to open a 2nd club in Newquay called “The Attic”, wonder if the Police will make more inaccurate statements about this one see, http://www.cornwallcommunitynews.co.uk/2012/10/25/orthodox-cop-takes-top-job/

Meanwhile the strip club in Ampthill which already has a license but has not yet opened continues to attract protests with a demo , a 2,000 signature petition, and the local MP asking questions in the house. An application has been submitted to open a new club in the centre of  Bedford called “ Badlands”.

Edie Lamort who has been very active in supporting various venues in the East End of London against the likes of Object has submitted her account of the current situation. Golden Girls Club-the art of stripping seen as never before

Disgraced former Home Secretary and one of those behind the SEV nonsense  Jacqui “expenses fiddler” Smith now wants a ban on Page 3 girls.

After a short hiatus the excellent stripping the illusion blog is back on the subject of the efforts to close strip venues  http://strippingtheillusion.blogspot.co.uk/

A workshop on “Crime, Safety, and Sexual entertainment” is to be held at the University of Kent Midway on December 5th.


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