Bishop of Southwark Tom Butler, got drunk and fell out of a car

The Bishop of Southwark Tom Butler, who along with “ bendy bus” promoter Ken Livingstone led the hysterical opposition to the proposed opening of Rembrandt’s lap dancing club near London Bridge, got so drunk at a Irish Embassy freebie in December that he fell out of a car, hit his head on the pavement , and then claimed he had been mugged !


Perhaps he should stick to places within walking distance in future like Rembrandt’s itself which Gerard Simi is now converting into a burlesque type review bar.Long established Angel’s Exotic strip pub the Robert Peel now has a schedule of dancers on it’s Blue Bar web site see .

Talking of Angel’s Exotic December saw the welcome opening of 2 new strip pubs the Lord Hill in Uxbridge { left, Wednesday and Friday 3 to 11pm} and Shannon’s in Hounslow High St, Monday and Wednesday 5pm to 11pm}. Also new is the Q Bar in Chafford Hundred, Essex which now has girls on Thursday and Friday supplied by Promises who have also re-opened the up to now short lived Beehive pub in Bow mentioned in previous columns.


I understand the Penthouse organisation is looking at sites with a view to opening a new London club after their original club {the ex FYEO Mayfair site} closed 20 years or so ago. The world professional darts championship took place in regular lap dancing venue the Circus Tavern in Purfleet over Christmas.

The opening of new clubs is continuing at some pace partly I still think fuelled by the extended drinking hours of pubs rendering many ordinary nightclubs redundant. In Manchester so long very light on clubs due to bizarre council policy a new place called Obsessions in Deansgate Lock is opening and it’s known that several of the larger groups have more places in the pipeline.

There is also an interesting new regular club night called “Caged Asylum”  featuring a combination of heavy metal music and lap dancing at the OHM club in the High St. A 3rd club in Newcastle and possibly the first full nude one called “Bare Elegance” is proposed for Neville St in the basement of a bar called the Lounge {right}.


FYEO who own both of Newcastle’s current clubs are also looking to open a 3rd to be called Diamonds. Cambridge’s only club “ Talk of the Town” started opening 6 nights a week in December and now has a web site  . A first club called “Liquid” is proposed for the lovely town of Chepstow and the 2nd club in Micklegate, York called “Bohemia” {mentioned in October’s column}is set to open on Jan 7th.
Talking of Newcastle that rarest of beasts a strip pub outside London has emerged at a gay bar called the Eagle on Scotswood Rd which has started Friday and Saturday lunchtime female full strip shows. I understand it’s had male strip shows in the evenings for quite a while. Another new strip pub outside London is the Woolpack in Chichester which now has girls on Friday evening.

“Cassenpiera” Banbury’s first club reported in this column as long ago as August finally actually opened on December 6th. The “Blue Coyote“ club in Leeds opened a VIP area on December 1st

. The short but trouble history of the “Players“ club in Oldham seems to be over as the license has been revoked because the Police are unconvinced that the connection with former “High Society” boss Sophie Anzoni {who has several convictions for running brothels etc} had been severed. It may yet re-open as a gay bar as the current owner seems to be looking to play the PC card. Dean Carr of Milton Keynes club Smile was heavily fined by magistrates for fly posting. It seems that the long established Sheffield club Dancing Dollar has closed down though it may only be temporary. Nottingham’s Euro bar is up for sale.
In Ireland the Barclay club in Dublin which was shut down by the Garda in 2003 re-opened in December under the same ownership as the long established Lapello club see . It is to retain the former club’s very plush décor and I understand had attracted the interest of several potential buyers including I hear Peter Stringfellow who it appears has not given up on Dublin just yet. In Cork police have raided the lap dance clubs there as part of a local crackdown on fraud.


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