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With the demise of the Revuebar Browns is probably the most famous and popular striptease venue in London. It’s been operating in a similar way now for 30 years providing high quality striptease entertainment for a diverse mix of local, city, and tourist customers

Browns still retains it’s roots as a pub and so has no entrance charge, sells daft beer at reasonable prices, and unlike so many London clubs it does not completely pack the place with fee paying girls and so has in my view the most consistently good looking girls of anywhere in London. Although it’s basically an East End pub a full range of champagnes and cocktails are available at the bar, the décor is smart, and security efficient and unobtrusive.


The pub operates on a jug collection {£1 per customer minimum} basis for stage shows which are full nude, take place every 10 minutes or so, and are in a different class to those at most table dance clubs. It has dancers on from 1pm until 1am early in the week and 2am later in the week Monday to Saturday, from 1pm until 5pm both beer and table dances are cheaper. In the evenings the place can get very full and atmospheric though the high stage still makes it possible to see the shows even when packed.

All the girls are available for private dances in a separate area at the back but the high ratio of customers to girls means that the unpleasant level of hustle you get and many clubs is totally absent. The day is broken into 3 shifts with new girls coming on at 5pm and 8.30pm. There is a sister pub called the Griffin in Clerkenwell and recruitment for the 2 pubs is direct, details on the web site. Browns is regarded as one of { if not the} best places in London to work and so they are very careful about who they recruit which is reflected in the high quality of performer they have.
Club Details

Address 1, Hackney Rd

Telephone 020 7739 3970

Web site

E mail [email protected]

Read more about Browns in here.
Hours Monday to Wednesday
1pm to 1am
Thursday to Saturday
1pm to 2am

Entrance Free

Type of dancing Full nude on stage
Full nude in private

Cost £1 per show minimum jug contribution
Private dances £10 until 5pm £15 later

Number of girls 6 to 12 per shift

Dancer information

Recruitment Direct ring the pub

Auditions By arrangement after an interview

House fees £20 to £65 depending on shift

Commissions None
Golden Girls Club Moscow

Club feature Metropolis

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