Soho’s historic Windmill club sold to US giant DeJaVu ?

I hear on the grapevine that Soho’s historic Windmill club {which has been open since the 1930s} is once again close to being sold by it’s long time owner and Soho veteran Oscar Owide. The rumour is that it’s US giant DeJaVu but as it’s nearly been sold to them a couple of times in the recent past so let’s not count our chickens just yet!


Madonna visited the Secrets Euston club early in May to audition dancers for a new video. May also saw the first London festival of Burlesque which took place at several venues over 4 days.The Manor Club in Seven Sisters Rd, North London which had problems over Buresque nights with the council a few months ago has now started having lap dance nights twice a week.

The Beehive in Bow which opened briefly late last year has now finally got a license and now features Promises girls on Sunday and Tuesday. Another new Promises venue {the 4th in a couple of weeks} is the NU club in Royston, Herts which has started having regular lap dancing nights. The California closed in May as planned but a new strip pub nearby in North Woolwich Cundy’s Tavern has started having strippers on Monday to Friday.

Although Brighton council has been talking about a crackdown on new strip venues in the town they bowed to the inevitable and the 2 original clubs Pussycats and Top Totty both were granted full nude licenses late in April. Talking of Brighton the new club Grace now has a web site

The proposed first club in Shrewsbury has had it’s license application turned down by the local council on spurious “crime prevention” grounds, expect a successful appeal after the usual waste of public time and money.


Talking of wastes of public time and money the Mickey McMouse parliament of Scotland has finally got round to producing it’s guidelines to “clamp down” on nude entertainment and it seems they will be effectively outlawing strip and kiss-o-grams. God knows what will happen if they ever get full independence , it will be piano leg draping time again!

Trouble in Blackpool where Police used an underage plant to catch Aprodities out serving alcohol and an underage girl was employed by new club Claudias. Rugby club Pink has also had undercover attention for what sounds like minor rule infractions.
A club in Carlisle called “Terminal 1” started lap dancing nights in May and another called “Rouge” looks set to open in June. Newcastle’s 3rd club {all part of the FYEO group} called “Diamonds” opened late in April. Bar Aqua in Pontypridd has added some Saturday nights to their regular Friday sessions.

A new venue called “Club Eden” opened in Braintree, Essex on May 24th Thursdays and Fridays only initially. The club is supplied by Stiletto Girls who also have a new strip pub in Braintree called “Brendan’s” which has started having girls from 4 to 7 on Fridays. A club called “Katz”  has opened in Hoddesdon, Herts on Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Banbury’s first and so far only club Cassiopeia now has a web site  home as has Dublin club LaPetite . A new Pole Dancing competition called Miss Polercise 2007 took place in straight laced Belfast in May. Italian legend Sophia Loren  has vowed to do a striptease if her team Napoli win promotion.


The Windmill International Londons Oldest Strip Cabaret gets a makeover…….

The feature film about the old Windmill theatre the UK’s first nude venue in the 1930s

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