The feature film about the old Windmill theatre the UK’s first nude venue in the 1930s

The feature film about the old Windmill theatre the UK’s first nude venue in the 1930s called “ Mrs Henderson Presents “ staring Judy Dench and Bob Hoskins opened across the UK to rather mixed reviews.

The former FYEO now called “Puss in Boots” in Mayfair which found it had not applied for a licence and had to shut in November managed to get a new one and re-opened early in December. It’s owned by David West who found fleeting fame a few months ago in the BBC series “ Trouble at the Top” where his attempts to open a conventional Mayfair nightclub called “ Hey Jo” { named after his then youthful Russian girlfriend who had left him before the end of the programme} were chronicled.
Rembrandt’s Gerard Simi’s new central London club did not open in December and actually looks as though it might be several months away from opening. A London club which did open early in December is called Night Lovers near the Broadway in Ealing in a former classical Indian dance club. East end club Images which re-opened in September now has a working web site

TV’s X Factor talent show finalist Chico  is an ex male stripper and dedicated one of his performances on the programme to former boss Janice of the Entertease agency who was ill in hospital at the time.
Talking of Entertease the long established strip pub the Flags in Slough had it’s hearing with the corrupt licensing committee of Slough council who have declared that it can serve alcohol and have any form of entertainment except striptease on public nuisance grounds { nothing to do with moral objections which of course they can’t have}. This will be appealed in January and doubtless overturned after the usual pointless legal expense.

The LA Confidential pole dancing competition was {as usual !} won by girls who already worked at the club. The Honeypot strip pub of Reading { right} is up for sale, not sure where this leaves the remaining Maidenhead one.

Mildenhall Stadium in Cambridgeshire which operates basically as a dog and speedway track has applied for a 24 hour licence including the right to operate striptease and lap dancing nights. They may end up as a rival to the nearby Lakenheath Country Club which started having dancers on Thursday nights in July and has recently expanded to Friday and Saturday nights as well. The first club in Coventry in the old Red Bar has obtained a 4am licence and should now open before the new year. The first club ever in the whole of mid Wales called “ The Edge” opened in Newtown during December followed closely by another called the “ Bar Yoko” { hope the name does not reflect it’s music policy !} in Aberystwyth . The first club in Rugby now looks likely to be in Cairo Jacks in Church Walk rather than the Midas though the owner is the same. The Buffalo Lounge in Briggate Leeds apparently opened in September unspotted by me although the web site still says “ coming soon”. A first club in Paignton, Devon called Bar One has opened. Birmingham’s Club Demon has changed hands and been renamed Pink Flamingos though it still seems to operate in the same way.

Edinburgh council is still desperately trying to interfere with it’s booming striptease industry {like Daddy O’s right} and is lobbying the Scottish executive with proposals that not only strip bars but also strip-o-grams, DVDs etc should need a special licence. As usual there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that such draconian powers are required but having set up a Scottish parliament they obviously feel the need to interfere in something.
Talking of Scotland Canadian dancer Scarlett had some very bad experiences working at Diamond Dolls in Glasgow. I’d look at her web site if you are thinking of working there !
It seems not every new Labour supporter is narrow minded, Euan Blair { son of the Prime Minister} was spotted spending the evening in the Hustler club late in November while on work experience in Paris.
US giant Spearmint Rhino is launching a DVD on Exotic dancing in time for New Year 2006.

Northern chain Wildcats has revamped it’s web site  complete with members section, videos etc. The web site of Stafford club Most Wanted has also been updated . The new Cloud 10 club in Tamworth is apparently introducing lap dancing on a specially modified hot air balloon next summer .

I understand that the opening of Peter Stringfellow’s Dublin club has now been delayed until January. The club has stirred up a hornet’s nest of opposition from the usual gang of religious bigots and local nimby’s re-enforced it seems by anti English sentiments. Possibly as a result of this extra competition the Garden of Eden club is introducing topless barmaids.
While in Ireland Marilyn Manson and his long time girlfriend burlesque star Dita Von Tease {not in white !} finally got married there on December 3rd .


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