Banker spent £37,000 on Strippers

A banker spent £37,000 (€42,000) on strippers and booze in the famous Spearmint Rhino in London.

The unnamed man, who actually is a banker, arrived at the Spearmint Rhino venue on Tottenham Court Road last week and spent £37,000  on expensive booze and even more expensive women.

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The financier told the club owners and the girls he was “celebrating a massive windfall”, just like every other guy in the venue.

He was offered the private VIP room, naturally, were punters can go for a private dance. So the businessman accepted the offer and took four dancers along with him,  and even paid for their meals and drinks.

The final bill included £28,000 split equally between the four dancers and a drinks tally including two magnums of Cristal at £800 each and one £300 bottle of Gran Patrone Platinum tequila. The other £9,000 was spent in an undisclosed manner.

Spearmint Rhino vice president John Specht said: “Everyone was amazed by his generosity and he arrived and left a very happy man.”

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