Did CoverJock Kill the Live DJ

Automated Gentlemen’s Club DJ system expands rapidly in North America and Europe.


September 2011 – The unprecedented attention that CoverJock received and numerous new customers that signed up for the system at the Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo in Las Vegas in August coupled with the announcement of further chains and independent clubs installing the CoverJock system in Europe, has lead to the question.. “is this new unique automated DJ system killing the traditional DJ in Gentlemen’s clubs ?”

Club owners stopped open mouthed at the main stage of the Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo, the largest gathering of owners and operators of the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry, as they realised that this year’s double pole show was being DJ’d by the CoverJock automated DJ instead of the traditional live DJ.

However, as Neil Charrington CoverJock CEO, explained “As the feature DJ’s and Club owners throughout America and Europe have discovered, when installing CoverJock in their clubs after the recent expo, CoverJock works in tandem with and actually enhances a good live DJ.  Far from killing the DJ, CoverJock has been embraced and praised by the elite of Gentlemen’s Club DJs and is helping them deliver even better, consistent live performances at a pace and with content unable to be matched by human DJs.  Unfortunately, as much as good DJs love CoverJock, it is also the nemesis of a poor DJ and in many cases is used by clubs to replace a below average DJ with a better performance and cost effectiveness.”

CoverJock has also proved popular with clubs that previously did not have a DJ for the full time they were open; daytime sessions, quiet evenings or when a regular DJ was not available.  Gentlemen’s clubs such as String Showbar in Norway have discovered that clubs and bars that feature a DJ, such as the CoverJock Automated DJ, take on average 44% more money compared to those that don’t They have also identified that customers stay longer in a club when CoverJock plays “under the music crowd management” and buy more when the promotions are announced consistently.

Gentlemen’s Clubs through the USA, such as Evolution Cabaret in Florida and Temptations Gentlemen’s Club in Georgia have been discovering that it is not just about the DJ !  – The CoverJock nightly ‘management statistics’ reports give the owner information about the dances the dancers perform, miss, give private, the hours they work, etc. and the ‘in case of emergency’ announcements, provided by CoverJock, meet the standards required for safety when a club is inspected (emergency announcements repeat until stopped – they do not “leave their post” when there is a real emergency).

With multiple new installations of the CoverJock system into clubs in the USA each week since the expo it is clear USA Gentlemen’s clubs have positioned CoverJock to become the market leading automated DJ in America as it already is in the UK and other parts of Europe.

With clubs in Europe and the USA continuing to schedule new installations since the international launch of CoverJock at the expo, the guarantee that CoverJock will meet expectations or customers will receive their money back has been maintained for all new customers.

CoverJock is much more than just a system that plays music and makes some announcements, it will actually help maximise profitability by reducing or eliminating DJ costs whilst increasing revenue from special offers and promotions.  CoverJock provides a turnkey Gentlemen’s Club solution, from the seamless professional DJ style music management, dancer stage calls, intros, outros and promotions through to the remote control handheld touchscreen computer that puts the club owner or the floor manager back in control and will help organise and simplify the way organisations run their Club.  CoverJock reports daily to management on the dancers working, their schedules, the dances performed, number of private dances, duration and much more.

CoverJock has now proven itself as the next generation automated DJ and entertainment for Gentlemen’s Clubs throughout the world.  The worldwide launch continues into additional regions and new regional authorised representatives for CoverJock are currently being identified and appointed.

Additional information regarding CoverJock is available at www.coverjock.com.

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About CoverJock


CoverJock is a next generation automated DJ that announces girls on and off stage, makes general announcements, runs promotions and up sells all Gentlemen’s Club facilities.   Management & Statistic reports are sent directly to management’s phone or by email at the end of each session keeping them up to date with accurate dancer information – including commission owed, time in/ time out and top earner reports enabling them to recognize trends and identify areas for improvement.  In addition the system manages all of the music played perfectly, uses crowd management to retain customers through the evening and enhance a clubs atmosphere no matter how busy or quiet the club is and all this for a fraction of current DJ costs.

Play selected music in your sequence

Automatically ban songs dancers may bring in

Pre-recorded professional DJ voice-overs

Call dancers to prepare to dance/stage shows

Allow dancers to pick their music to dance to

Instantly book dancers out for private shows

Automate intros and outros for dancers

Improve the ambience during quiet periods

Play pre-recorded special offers, promotions or special stage shows at pre-set intervals

Daily statistic reports direct to your phone

And so much more…

For more information, please contact:


European contact: Saxon Company  • Tel: +47 22100700 • [email protected]

Marketing Department, CoverJock UK Ltd • The Business Centre • Edward Street • Redditch • B97 6HA • UK

Tel: +44 (0) 845 680 0014 • [email protected] • www.CoverJock.com


Source: http://www.prsformusic.com/users/businessesandliveevents/musicforbusinesses/PB/Pages/pubsandbars.aspx

[2] Source: BABY PLATINUM, UK Gentlemen’s Club, Senior Director quote “Since having CoverJock installed, my profits have increased, I now have fantastic, constant stage shows and my customers have noticed the difference”

Coverjock increases sales in Gentlemen’s Clubs

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