Coverjock increases sales in Gentlemen’s Clubs



CoverJock announces results of trial to increase sales of selected brands in Gentlemen’s

Clubs and launches new advertising service

April 2013 – The CoverJock system was recently used in a Florida based Gentlemen’s club, as part

of a controlled test, with exceptional results for both club owners and beers/spirits distributors. The

trial set out to use automated DJ promotion of selected beverages to increase sales of the selected

beverages without using any special offers, reduced pricing or other methods of promotion.

CoverJock collaborated with major beer and spirits distributors using approved images and

promotional “sound bites” that were created specifically for the trial.

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A total of 15 beer brands were being sold at the club, 3 of these brands were selected and the

distributor of these brands, Anheuser-Busch InBev, asked to provide visual imagery and approve

short sound bites to be used in the promotion. One specific brand was selected and the “Lite”

version included in the beers to be promoted and the “non-Lite” version included in the selection of

beers not being promoted.

After a 6 week trial sales were compared and a stock take performed to confirm the data. The

results were dramatic.

Did CoverJock Kill the Live DJ

The specific beers in the trial were Bud Light, Bud Platinum and Stella Artois. The results

conclusively show that the use of CoverJock promotions encouraged customers to switch brands to

the promoted brands. Key to interpretation of the results is that beer consumption did not decline;

instead the use of CoverJock promos simply encouraged consumers to switch brands.

A full case summary of the trial, the results and comments from the observers and participants is

included with this information release.

Beer Sales during the Trial
Budweiser‐ Sales down 5.3%
Bud Light‐ Sales up 18.8%
Bud Platinum‐ Sales up 14.3%
Coors Light‐ Sales down 22.2%
Miller Light‐ Sales down 11.6%
MichelobUltra‐ Sales down 4.1%
Yuengling‐ Sales up 3.3%
MagicHat #9‐ Sales up 6.4%
Guinness‐ Sales up 4.9%
Amstel Light‐ Sales down 9.1%
Newcastle‐ Sales down 25.5%
Stella Artois‐ Sales up 27.9%
Heineken‐ Sales down 14.0%
Corona‐ Sales down 12.7%

Bars, pubs and clubs around the world know that if they feature a DJ they can take on average 44%

more money compared to those that don’t (Source: prsformusic), however, DJs are expensive for

quieter periods, dislike delivering repetitive promotions and can sometimes simply have an “off


Clubs of all sizes are now using CoverJock throughout the USA, Canada, UK and other parts of

Europe. CoverJock have also recently opened up in Australia and added new female DJ voices to

the system’s repertoire.

As a result of this successful trial promotional support within CoverJock has now been added and is

available to clubs using the system. There are two sides to “CoverJock Promotions”. The first is

“local promotion”, this allows club owners and managers to approach local businesses or partners

and offer voiceover promotion of their business or service, either occasionally or at regular

timeslots, throughout the night. The CoverJock system will report (audit) that the promotion was

completed, there is no additional cost from CoverJock for the additional voiceovers or the service

and the club can charge the local business.

The second side is CoverJock “National promotions”, at present CoverJock are negotiating or

reaching agreements with Beer distributors, clothing manufacturers, Water/Juice distributors,

magazines/publishers and many other similar national or regional organisations, to use their brand

trademarks/logos, specific visuals and selected approved sound bites. It is anticipated that clubs

using CoverJock will be able to select from a menu of third party brands and promotion options,

which will range from one voice over once a week to 12 voice overs/visuals a day. The full process

will be automated on their CoverJock system and it is planned that the Club will receive discounts

from their CoverJock fees, based on the promotion packages they select.

Neil Charrington, CoverJock Ltd CEO, explained “We have been aware for a long time, as a result

of anecdotal comment from our customers, that the consistent, professional CoverJock promotions

have a positive effect on sales of products. However, we are delighted at the results produced by

this controlled trial. The new promotion services within CoverJock provide further benefits to

CoverJock customers and further enhance the cost effectiveness of the service.”

CoverJock is available worldwide and new customers can try the system out for up to 30 days as

part of the company’s risk free trial. Additional information regarding CoverJock is available at 

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