Florida StripClub Gives Free Flu Shots

Amid the shiny stripper poles, strobe-lit stages and scantily-clad performers at Rachels Gentlemens Club, youll find Barbara and Sylvia, two old beauties who come for the free food and flu shots — and stay for the ambiance.


“I love it, I want to know where the girls got those sexy stockings that stop up here. I need some of those,” said Sylvia.
Every year around this time, the flesh den in the small town of Castleberry, north of Orlando, offers the shots in a setting way more exciting than a sterile doctors office.

And the return of the complimentary lunch buffet has geriatrics coming in droves.

“I ho
pe its not my last meal…I think Rachels should be commended for doing this for the seniors, really,” Barbara Becker told WESH as she waited for her shot yesterday.
Its Rachels sixth year of offering the shots, which includes the lunch buffet free for seniors and veterans, as well as all Casselberry residents and city employees.

The gray hairs dont seem to mind the skin show.
“I think its great. I wish I had some of these figures like these gals do, theyre beautiful girls,” Becker said.

If youre hoping to get the shot from a stripper in a sexy nurse outfit, no dice. The shots are administered by registered nurses in the clubs VIP room.
“A little uncomfortable at first, I actually texted my wife to try to find her and go right to her immediately,” Casselberry resident Tom Rogenski said.
Club employees said they just want to help the town.
“At this time with the rising cost of health care, its a great way to give back to the community,” said Rachels food and beverage manager, Kevin Ruscitti. “Were proud to be a part of this community and its a chance to give something back.”

If youre thinking about getting a flu shot, but a trip to the doctors office makes you squirm like a six year old, you might want to make the trip up to Castleberry. The club is scheduled to give the flu shots again on Oct. 6 from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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