New laws could cost 15,000 stripclub jobs across England and Wales,

The Lap Dance Association has stated that the idiot new laws could cost 15,000 stripclub jobs across England and Wales, they are still expected to pass through parliament in the next couple of months although opposition in the Lords and elsewhere seems to be growing.

The government has finally promised to consult the LDA before this biased farce actually becomes law.A demo of dancers against the bill has been organised outside Parliament for the afternoon of Thursday 5th of November. Ben {son of Vienne} Westwood is apparently organising another demonstration to protest about the bill outside Harridan Harperson’s London home in December.
The combination of the new legislation looming and the lack of profitability of conventional nightclubs has, rather like in 2004 created, another mini boom in new clubs wanting open or existing clubs wanting to convert into lap dancing clubs.

The long awaited 6th club in the London based Secrets chain in Parker Street, Covent Garden opened on the 26th of October. A club formerly called “Vintage” in Watford has been granted permission to convert into a full time lap dancing bar and it’s now combined with the long established “Club Composure” upstairs to make a new large super stripclub called “Beavers” which opened on October 30th. A first club called “Honey” has permission to open in Solihull and the Baby Platinum chain has applied to open it’s 3rd club in Newcastle {the 5th in that city}. A new club in central Manchester called “Victoria’s”

The application to open “Baby Platinum” in Newcastle mentioned in previous columns has been turned down by the local council.
The long established “Angels” club in West Bromwich has run into trouble with the local Police and is up for sale as is the “Dreamers” club in central Liverpool, and the former “City Golf Bar” in the City of London.
Apparently “Divas” in Newquay which has had the dreaded 3ft rule imposed on them by the local council has found that it only applies in the private dance area and not in the main bar so has altered it’s method of operation. The “T3” club in Bristol now has a license allowing it to open 18 hours a day despite some local opposition.

It seems the long running saga of the “Music Palace” in Crouch End mentioned many times in this column has ended with the club closed in the face of council opposition.
The 2nd annual LDA awards night takes place on the 4th of November at FYEO City Rd.
Film Director Tony Scott’s latest venture is to be a film of the life of Steve Banergee who started the Chippendales.
Recruitment consultant Rachel Kelly had her ridiculous claim for compensation from her employer for being forced to go with a client to Spearmint Rhino thrown out. Freshers at Cambridge University in October received invites to use the “Talk of the Town” club in their welcome packages from the Union.
Famous Sport model Linsey Dawn McKenzie and her sister Alyson are appearing at the new Tensui club in Essex for the next few weeks.


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