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Resource for strippers in UK:  The team at the University of Leeds between 2010 and 2012 produced a report on the position of women working in the UK lap dancing/striptease industry which was based on a survey of 197 dancers and 70 interviews with managers, owners and other staff in the clubs plus licensing regulators. The findings exploded a number of myths popular with the UK media. It found for example that most dancers were well educated, had chosen where to work themselves for a range of reasons, and in the main had high job satisfaction. The dancers interviewed did not fit into the sort of downtrodden stereotypes pedalled by the likes of Object at all. East London Strippers Collective

As with any form of employment however there were of course clouds on the horizon in the sense that not all clubs treated the dancers properly and there were issues over things like facilities in the clubs, numbers of dancers per shift, self employment rights, and tax treatment. There also were complaints about things like house fees and fines and about the conditions of work in some strip clubs. Strippers in London; Andrea from Sophisticats

The Leeds group have now  produced a web site  which covers areas of concern  like personal safety at work, tax awareness information, and the effects of self employment with specific advice on each topic produced in conjunction with people like HMRC and the Suzy  Lamplugh Trust . The section on employment status and tax is particularly comprehensive and should answer most questions in this area.  The team have consulted with many experienced dancers and also others who work in the industry, they have also consulted with Local Authority Licensing  staff to try to bring dancer welfare more onto the agenda through licensing conditions. For instance they have had success in Camden where fines have been banned as a form of discipline; in Manchester specific conditions relating to safety in booths are including in licenses, in Blackpool they have limited the number of dancers per shift relating to the capacity of the club, and in Leeds clubs have put together a comprehensive welfare pack for dancers with key information about work rights and safety. The resource intended to assist dancers particularly those with less experience and is also available free as an Iphone App {details on the web site or search for Dancers Information in the App store}. There are top tips written by experienced dancers both in English and Romanian {with Russian and Spanish on the website}.  London Stripper Zoe

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