X Stripper sues property magnat

According to Mail Online An ex-stripper is suing a one-legged multimillionaire for $10 million after he slashed her face with his solid gold Rolex watch.

Russian Sophia Kandelaki, suffered a six inch gash to her face after Thomas Hartmann attacked her outside a Manhattan restaurant.

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Hartmann, a construction worker-turned property maganate, was sentenced to 60 days in jail following the attack in April last year. He was released after serving 35 days.

The midnight fight happened outside Baraonda restaurant on the Upper East Side last April.

Hartmann, who lives close by, is a former Long Island construction worker who lost his leg but was paid $15million compensation following a much-publicised case of police brutality.

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At the trial, which took place in February, Kandelaki described herself as a reality star hopeful, a stripper, a private shopper, a vegan chef, a singer and a composer.

She said she had survived a gunpoint kidnapping and that she is an expert in ‘deep, inner tantric massage.’

She told the court: ‘He attacked me from behind, he grabbed my hair, he was uncontrollably drunk and violent. I was bleeding everywhere.’

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Her lawyer, Sal Strazzullo, told the Post: ‘She was vindicated in the criminal trial. Now she is going to win a settlement for the emotional and physical damage she suffered.’

However Joe Tacopina, a lawyer for Hartmann, said: ‘She is an admitted liar.

‘Also, she could be facing some immigration issues. There is not a scenario where she can get one dollar out of this lawsuit.’

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