Behind the scenes look at surgery for striptease dancers

a behind the scenes look at surgery for dancers……The Maria Files: boobs, bums and tums –

Name: Maria Sanchez
Hair: Red fire
Age: a lady never divulges such trivialities
Nationality: Anglo Spanish
Eye colour: Brown hazelnut
Occupation: Entrepreneur for Surgical GarmentsSitting across from the young woman, Maria Sanchez holds out a 32DD bra to the young woman.
“This will fit” she purrs in her soft Spanish accent. “You must wear this every day and night, for up to 4 weeks’.
The young woman in question is an exotic dancer by profession. It is not uncommon for Ms Sanchez to have dancers who want to boast their er… assets.
“I have a wide mix of clientele who come to me for compression garments, but a percentage of those are exotic dancers” Maria explains. “They want to look as eye catching as possible”.
Breast augmentation is cited as one of the most popular of cosmetic surgeries in the UK. In 2009 alone, the number of women undergoing surgery was near to 9,000, and the figure is increasing. We ask Maria why breast surgery in particular is so popular.
“Certainly my clientele opt for differing surgery, but the desire for a bigger decollage remains the most popular because it’s eye-catching. Women feel more feminine, more confidence if they have a fuller bust”.
Is this true of dancers?
Maria shrugs. “Dancers need to be able to move and dance sensually, but it’s very much an industry where looks are important too”.
Would Maria be tempted to take up pole dancing? Certainly, she is beautiful.
She smiles and folds away her multitude of DDs, 30Es and gloriously monstrous F cups. “Actually, I have pole dance lessons. I have them been dancing now for nearly over a year with the dancer Nico Blu”.
Would she perhaps consider dancing for us?
We see a flash of the fiery redhead. “And how much will you pay me?”

Spoken like a true dancer. Maria Sanchez provides support and pressure garments for all manner of cosmetic surgeries.

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