The Body Beautiful pole dancer…….

Beautiful pole dancer zoeEver wondered where the body beautiful pole dancer tend to train and workout? Krunch Gym springs to mind. Situated in Essex’s Waltham Abbey, the gym is home to athletes, body builders…….and pole dancers. And let’s not forget glamour models. Zoe M, for example, has graced the covers of FHM, Nuts Zoo, American Turf and The Daily Sport and regularly trains at Krunch. A series of squats in sequined bikinis and a quick spinderlla on the pole doesn’t even break out a sweat for pint sized, diametrically gifted Mrs M, whose vitals are a whooping 30F,22,32 – proof that GREAT things really do come in small packages.


We ask Zoe a few questions:


  1. What first attracted you to glamour modelling?

I was talent spotted when I was 20, and like most girls, I wanted to be involved in something which I found glamorous and exciting. I guess I was attracted to the idea of exposure and the subsequent attention. I modelled for some big names and it’s been very gratifying.


  1. What made you take up pole dancing?

I wanted to get fit!!! Pole dancing classes are at Krunch and the girl who teaches is Nico Blu, a burlesque and pole performer so I thought why not give it a try? Plus, what with modelling having a sell by date I thought it would be good to learn another skill!!!

It’s very dominant too – and looks so sexy! I defy anyone not to try it and really like it. Pole dancing should come with a warning – ‘Adrenaline Rush!’. Ha, maybe I just have an addictive personality…..


  1. Does this mean you might become a striptease artist?

Erhh…… no comment? No seriously, you should never say never. Who knows what’s around the corner.


  1. Ever thought about combining the two and taking to the stage?

Yeah that is what I should do [laughing]. I can see the magazines lining up to take a picture of me doing some bump and grind. Hmmmm…. maybe I should….


  1. Do you have a trainer?

Yeah I do! Is that cheating? My hubby owns Krunch (I guess that’s definitely cheating) and is the current Mr Universe. That’s the best thing about the gym – I get to train for free! And it offers a variety of classes – Pole, MMA, Spin and women’s boxing – it’s a really buzzing atmosphere……


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