Blueberry Exotic-where UK’s top dancers and best clubs meet together

A personal interview with Blueberry Exotic owner

Letty: Hello Stuart.
Stuart: Hi Letty.
L: You’re the owner of, tell me a little bit about it.
S: Blueberry is UK’s biggest agency, providing the most glamorous dancers to the best clubs in London and around the UK.
L: What areas do you cover in the UK.
S: We cover the whole of the UK really, though we have a concentration of clubs around London and Liverpool Manchester area.
L: So you can help a club owner by providing dancers anywhere?
S: For the right clubs, yes, absolutely anywhere. There may be a slight lag while we advertise if it’s a new area of the country for us.
L: You say the very best dancers?
S: Yes, as part of the application process, we ask dancers to provide a face and full-length pictures. The pictures are decided on as the first round by two people from my team who are very experienced in the industry, one of which will always be female. They decide if the dancer has what it takes.
L: Does that mean you need professional pictures and make up?
S: No, not at all, it doesn’t matter whether you have make up and your hair done or not, and selfies in the mirror are a recurring theme! Our team can tell from experience who will make it and who won’t. It sounds shallow, but first impressions count in the club, guys will decide on looks alone whether to start up a conversation with you.
L: And you say the best clubs, in what way?
S: Every way. Currently we are working with the top names within the industry and when a club approaches us, we would always like to make sure they are matching our standards. When we sign up a new club, I personally meet with the owner and the management team. I feel it’s very important for us to create a bond from the start so we can work well together, and for them to know that I put a huge amount of trust in them to take Blueberry Exotic dancers.

While I want them to be treated no differently to their own dancers, I also want to know that they are treated well. So, we go through things such as house fees, right down to the provision of secure lockers in a secure changing area. These things are very important, top clubs know they need to have standards, I will hold them to that. I want to know that girls aren’t changing in a shed in the smoking area!
L: So you hold very high standards for dancers and clubs!
S: Absolutely, that’s how we confidently call ourselves the very best agency.
L: What’s your latest club?
S: A month ago I met with the owner of Club Flamingos in The heart of The City of London. We started providing dancers and have grown well together. We still have lots of shifts available in this club, so any dancers who wish to earn big in a safe and friendly environment can apply with us.
L: So, you have a lot of experience in the industry, how did it start?
S: Blueberry Exotic started in 2008. A friend of mine needed some help with getting dancers for a strip night in his pub. I stepped in and Blueberry Exotic was born. We have grown and gone from strength to strength ever since.
L: So nearly 10 years!
S: Yes, watch this space, we’re hoping to have a large party in one of the clubs we deal with.



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Author: Letty

Letty is a passionate public relations and content development professional who has worked with some of the top newspapers and fashion magazines in the UK and Central Europe.
She is a great supporter of the strip industry as a way of empowering women and creating a better future for families, businesses and society in general. She also calls up for not holding back one’s natural sexuality and sensuality and walk along the path of the legendary and provocative Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt, both of whom have depicted that judgmental and hypocritical attitude toward sex and erotica in society leads to dissatisfaction, depression and overall fertility decline.
In her life and work, Letty loves taking on new challenges, and delivering big creative ideas that drive a positive change. She loves helping people to be the best they can and make the most of their lives.