Erotic Bar-Sofia’s legendary cabaret

Erotic Bar Cabaret

Famous amongst celebrity circles with its unparalleled shows, high-class service and stunning exotic dancers, Erotic Bar embodies the pulse of Sofia’s nightlife.

 Erotic Bar-Sofia’s legendary cabaret The club’s sumptuous atmosphere combines ancient glamour with modern luxury to create the ultimate destination for fun and relaxation.

Today, we sit with Erotic Bar’s management to discuss the secret behind their success in turning an ordinary club into a world-famous cabaret and an industry leader for over 25 years.

It’s all about keeping the magic going

To us working in Erotic Bar is like doing show business. It’s all about keeping the magic going’, says Anton Kirov, the general manager of Erotic Bar.

Erotic Bar cabaretWe always make sure there is an element of surprise to our shows and parties. From the themed nights for which we always ensure a refreshed décor and intriguing outfits, to the fun play of our lesbo and vibrators shows, we are always unique and different in what we do.

Even our regulars which are 60% of the clientele admit that they have never seen the same show more than once! This is something that makes us proud as a team.’

Having a great team is key for doing successful business

Erotic Bar’s unforgettable shows aren’t their own unique approach to business. Anton goes on in a lengthy discussion about the importance of having a great and united team to keep his business at the top.

Erotic Bar cabaret in Sofia‘Girls here are always well respected and overpaid. This is how you keep your team. Unlike other clubs in Sofia, we do not have girls constantly fired or disappointed with us who go to work for the competition while taking our best assets with them. No, we are a family and we deal with issues like a family, united and strong.

Engage your team in everything you do

‘Its also very important to engage your team in everything you do as a business. This is how they are able to see the bigger picture and know their importance when they contribute. Our team is really great at creating our own shows. We do not have stage designers, costume designers or makeup artists, although we do work along with sponsors in that area. But we develop it all in-house with the whole team involved. This can mean that girls will show up in the afternoon and stay until the evening or go around the town shopping, but no one seems to mind it. Its their business too after all.’

Erotic Bar legendary cabaretErotic Bar’s unique team and creative hard work seems to have paid back -shooting the cabaret to a stellar status. Public relations mogul Evgeni Minchev refers to it as ‘the best landmark in Sofia’ and you can spot Bulgarian and international celebrities there at almost any time.

Bulgarian Playboy model Svetlana Vasileva gets candid when she speaks about Erotic Bar.

‘I absolutely love this cabaret. This is the one place I can truly relax and have fun. I come here every Saturday ever since I moved to Sofia. If I hadn’t become an erotic model, I would surely have tried to get a job as a dancer here. It feels like home!


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Author: Letty